So how did you two crazy kids meet?

Hive,  I’m glad you asked! I really love our “how we met story”.  I think it’s a total meet-cute.  Everyone knows what that is, right?  I posted the wikipedia page just in case you don’t.  I’ll wait…

Back to the story!  Mr. Border Collie started temping for a giant HMO  in July of 2006.   I started working there in August 2006.  I thought he was pretty cute, but he always looked so serious and seemed to work very hard.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that, but come on!  Live a little… grab coffee, take a break, TALK TO YOUR CO-WORKERS!)  I quite literally never saw him talking to anyone else, or laughing… he was always sitting at his desk working.  There were zero chances to try to talk to him or interact.  Until…

One day there was a fire drill at work.  I walked past his desk to exit the floor, and he was leaving the floor at the same time.  We started talking as we walked down the stairs together (we worked in a high rise building), and had a good chunk of time to speak.  While we were hanging out and waiting to be let back to work, I realized that he was actually interesting, and pretty funny, and he could carry on a conversation.   This guy was cool; he wasn’t some boring work-a-holic!

Right about that time, I switched up my coffee drinking time.  I started going to the kitchen later in order get to brew a fresh pot (and make the coffee the way I LIKED!).  I didn’t realize that Mr. BC worked part time, and this was right around the time he came into the office for the day.  I started accidentally meeting him in the break room  in the mornings.  We were able to chat and get to know each other.

One morning, we met up in the break room as per usual. While we were talking, another co-worker came into the kitchen and put some macaroni and cheese into the microwave, turned it on, and walked away.  After a couple of minutes, the microwave started smoking.  (Side bar: I would just like to come clean and let you all know right now, in the very beginning of our relationship, that I am TERRIBLE in an emergency.  You do not want me around if/when something goes wrong.  I panic, freeze, and lose all rational thought processes.  THANK THE LORD that Mr. Collie was there with me.  He’s excellent in a crisis.  Back to our story…)   I started panicking, and ran over to the microwave. I turned it off, and opened the door and a cloud of green (Go figure!  What’s in that stuff?) smoke came pouring it.  I quickly shut the door and turned to him, asking what we should do.  Mr. BC, excellent in a crisis, ran off to get help.

And so, our relationship was solidified over two fires.

Shortly after that, he asked me out for lunch.  I started investigating his MySpace page to make sure he was normal.  (He says stalking… potato, potatoe… and hells yea, I am majorly dating myself here!  Myspace what?!?  It was 2006, people!)  We started chatting a lot more at work.  He’d always come and say good bye when he left work.  I loved, loved, loved that he always said goodbye to me.  One day, I was away from my desk and missed his farewell.  I got back to my desk and was SO SAD.  My office phone rang a few minutes later and it was him!  He wanted to tell me that he stopped by but I wasn’t at my desk.  *swoon*  We made a little bit of small talk and I asked him what he was doing with his evening.  He quickly replied: “Nothing, what are YOU doing?”.  And then he asked me out!  We grabbed coffee near his place and just hung out talking.  It was great, and then we made plans for a sushi dinner, and the rest is history!

PS. Contrary to appearances, I found out later that he wasn’t ACTUALLY working that hard when I first met him.  In fact, he didn’t really have very much work to do at all, but he really wanted to keep the temp job, so he pretended to be super busy.  HAHAHAHA!

Here are old pictures from early 2007:

TimBDay3Old School Old School 2

All photo’s are personal

What do you think, Hive?  Was your FI not exactly what you thought at first?  Do you have a meet-cute “how we met” story?


2 thoughts on “So how did you two crazy kids meet?

  1. I love your story! It’s awe-dorable, my “how we met” story is cute but in a different sense than yours. I’m working on writing it now, but also trying to save myself from the dirty looks my boyfriend is bound to throw me if he reads it.

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