Engagement Story – Part 2

When we left off, Mr. BC had JUST asked me to marry him!  While we were walking back to the car, he said we weren’t going home just quite yet…

I was still shell shocked and was like: “what?!?”  He said he’d gotten us a night at the Bodega Bay Lodge.  He had packed all of our stuff, and the neighbors were going to take care of the cats. WHOA!!  AWESOME!!

While we were driving to the hotel, we stopped to get gas, and I took several pictures of my awesome ring.

Engaged 7The best ring pic came from while I was waiting for him to get gas!

Once we arrived at the hotel and were checking in, I asked him if it would be weird if I told the front desk lady that we just got engaged.  He said it was a little weird, but to go ahead.  She came back to the desk and I blurted out: “WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!!” and I started jumping up and down and getting teary again.  She congratulated us and said I was so happy.  (And YES!  I was insanely happy!  LOL.  I wanted to burst out and yell it to the lobby.  It was wine and cheese hour and several people were enjoying the reception, so I restrained myself.) Cool side note: We’ve been back several times and continue to see her! And she’s since gotten engaged and is getting married in two weeks!

The room was gorgeous with a queen bed, down bedding, a couch and coffee table, wet bar, awesome marble bathroom and a FIREPLACE!!  It also had a gorgeous balcony with an ocean view.

Engaged 13 Engaged 8

Personal Photos

Once we got into the room I discovered that Mr. BC had ordered a cheese plate and chocolate strawberries which were waiting for us once we got inside.  A short while later the front desk called and they sent over a complimentary bottle of champagne to our room.  SCORE!

Engaged 10Um, I thought to take the pic a little late, most of the cheese was demolished.

We popped open the wine and sat on the couch and toasted to our engagement.  Our conversation was full of love and excitement and sweet nothings.  He said the most romantic thing to me ever; while gazing lovingly into each others eyes he told me: “The Ocean isn’t going to be what separates us, it’s what will bring us together.  When I put my hand in the ocean in Molokai and you put your hand in the ocean here, it will be like we’re holding hands.”  Then he said that he had purposefully picked that spot to propose to me because he knows that I love the beach, and that he had so many great family memories of that beach, and that now will be a special spot for me too.  It’s the spot we can always return to and remember our engagement.  (Major, major swoon stuff, my friends!!)

I, meanwhile, had been itching to call people and throw the news on Facebook.  While at the beach, Mr. BC told me I would get 30 minutes once we got to the hotel.  I immediately called my BFF but got her voicemail.  Rats!  I left a crazy message.    I think Mr. BC dragged me out to the balcony at that point.  We were totally missing the sunset.  So we went outside to drink our wine, act lovey dovey and watch the sunset.

Engaged 9Sunset photo

Next I called my parents, who thankfully picked up the phone.  We tried calling Mr. BC’s parents,  and then all of our friends.  THEN, I FINALLY I got to tell the world… I mean FaceBook!  WOOHOO.

We lit our fire and tea lights, and we pulled all the pillows and comforter off the bed to make a nest in front of the fire.  We sipped our champagne, ordered room service:

Engaged 11Engaged 12Personal Photos

The next morning , once we finally got up, we got showered and ready for the day.  We checked out and grabbed breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Then, we got back into the car and drove for about 4 minutes before arriving at a gourmet wine company!  YES!  More wine!!  This wine bar has “wine surfing”.  They crafted wood surfboards for the glasses of wine to sit in. (Recognize anything from my profile picture???)  You take your surfboard outside to taste your wine and enjoy the bays view and hang out and chat.  We had a blast, and were the only ones there.  We loved the surf boards so much that we bought one to take home.  Mr. BC wrote our ocean quote on the board and it’s hanging in our living room.

Engaged 14 Engaged 15Personal Photos

There was a salt water taffy store right next door to the wine bar, so I dragged Mr. BC into the store.

Engaged 17

I picked out several flavors of taffy while Mr. BC looked around.  I saw him standing by a tray of mood rings, and I thought about how he has always told me that “I had to put a ring on it”, and that he wanted a proposal.  I knew this was my chance!  So I added the ring to our salt water taffy loot.  (I am not subtle at all, so I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what I was doing.  Oh well…)

Since I knew that I wanted to propose to Mr. BC, I insisted that we needed to get a drink and some food at our last stop of the day, The Tides.

Engaged 18 Engaged 19

While we sipped on our drinks and munched on our shellfish sample platter, I took Mr. BC’s hand in mine and looked into his eyes.  I pulled out his mood ring and told him that I loved him, I know relationships aren’t easy and that in the past six years we’ve had our good times and our bad times, but at the end of the day, he is always the person I want to come home to… the person that I want to spend my life with.  He is my favorite, and I asked him to marry me.  He said yes!!  To celebrate we ordered another round of drinks.

Engaged 21 Engaged 20Personal Photos

It was at the end of our meal at The Tides that we decided to call it a weekend and head back home.  We were both ready to go home to our babies.  The car ride home was uneventful and frankly a little sad.  Although, Mr BC did free style some hilarious songs for me!  It was a tiny bit of a letdown having my amazing, magical engagement weekend end.

What’s awesome is that I felt a lot less anxiety about Mr. BC leaving for Molokai after getting engaged. We’re officially promised to each other forever.  We have our whole lives together, what’s a few months (years??) living long distance?


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