How we picked a Resort

Now that we had an actual wedding destination picked, it was time to figure out which resort to get married at…

I went to an anal retentive person wedding planners first stop: Trip Advisor!  I started looking up resorts in Punta Cana (I forget how I chose Punta Cana, I think it’s just *the* place to travel to in the DR.)

Hive, sadly my favorite wedding venue is not the one we ended up picking.  My most favorite resort (and rated #1 on Trip Advisor) was the Iberostar Grand Bavaro.  The reviews raved about the hotel, the website was gorgeous, the wedding pricing seemed great.  Sure, it was expensive, but I figured with one year’s advance notice our guests could swing it.  I really had my heart set on this resort… I wanted my own butler, pillow menu and customizable mini bar, dangit!!

But alas… the room block pricing came back and it was HELLA EXPENSIVE!  Like, we’re talking $5k for 5 nights per couple.  Ouch.  Mr. BC and I did not feel comfortable asking our guests to pay that much money to attend our wedding.  And so, the dream venue was OUT.

My wedding coordinator / travel agent recommended the Excellence Punta Cana.  Coincidentally, this is also the same resort my friend had stayed for the wedding she attended in the DR.  She said the resort was gorgeous, the wedding group had a blast, and everything was perfect.  She also told me she and her husband couldn’t wait to go back!  So knowing that, along with the fact that my TA (Travel Agent) recommended it… we decided to check out the Excellence.

Cue photo montage…

The Pool!

Pool 2 pool


The Rooms:


The Gorgeous wedding beach location:

wedding 2All photo’s are from the Excellence Punta Cana Image Gallery

The hotel came back and the pricing was really good!  Like prices we wouldn’t mind asking our loved ones to spend.  The reviews were good and everything looked beautiful, so… we booked it! (I know, that last part was pretty anti-climactic, huh?)

I am super stoked for our wedding, and I feel like the resort and the destination location picked us.  Everything really fell into place and, so far, seems to be working out well.

Hive, would you ever get married in a foreign country?  Am I nuts to pick a wedding location sight unseen?  How did you pick your venue?


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