Save The Dates

Our save the dates are out!  And people are liking them!  Woohoo!

I scoured the internet months and months before I actually needed to, trying to find the perfect save the date.  Initially, this baby was my front runner:

Michaels STDImage via Michaels Craft Store

I loved the photo on the front and the lovely beach background.  Perfect for a beachy destination wedding, right?  But ultimately, I wasn’t able to customize this invite as much as I wanted.  So I decided to keep looking.  Via WeddingBee, I found out that was having a sale on their wedding related products.  I’d never heard of minted, so I decided to check them out.  And… I found it.  ::: cue angels singing :::

Wedding STD rev 2

Image via

I promptly purchased 50 of these babies…  I LUUUUUUUUUUUURVE them.  I love, love, love the heart over the destination of the wedding.  So stinking cute. (Sorry, I blurred the date).  Here’s the front and back:

STD2 v2The detail on these is awesome.  I love how the divide in the middle of the back says Ms. BC heart Mr. BC with our wedding date.  ADORABLE!  I kept the wording very simple and just referred people to our wedding website.

I also picked up some stamps:

StampImage via USPS

I went with standard $0.46 stamps because I was nervous about the weight of the cards.  I knew I was going to add a magnet strip to them, and I didn’t want to have ANY issues with the post office not delivering them.  (Okay, okay and I also went with the standard stamp because the postcard stamp option <yes, the ONE postcard stamp they offered> really sucked… it was an apple stamp.  So not cute.)

Here’s my assembly line:

STD1Stamps, Labels, Postcards, and Magnet Tape!

Personal Photo

I went with address labels in a script font.  Don’t tell Ms. Manners!!

All in all, this took me less than 30 minutes.  We had 43 postcards to assemble and send out.  The project cost $1.98 per save-the-date.  Honestly, I wish it would have been a little cheaper but I am VERY happy with the finished product.  I have no idea how I could have made these cheaper (alright, I could have used the ugly apple stamps to save $6… but since I only had 43 to send out the grand total was manageable.)

Here they are, ready to be mailed:


The feedback so far has been great!  Everyone has complimented the design and people seem to LOVE the magnet.  So if you’re on the fence about adding a magnet, I HIGHLY recommend it.


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