We took engagement pictures, but now I don’t like them…

Disclaimer, the pictures are beautiful!  I have no complaints with the photographer or the quality of the pictures.

Now that we got that out of the way…

Before Mr. BC left for Molokai, I asked a friend/co-worker if he would take some engagement pictures of us.  And he agreed!  The three of us met up after work one day and spent an hour taking pictures at Lake Merritt.   I love, love, love our photographer, so please let me know if you’re interested in booking him and I’ll put you in touch.  He lives in the Sacramento area and works in Oakland.  He doesn’t have a website, so unfortunately I can’t post where you can contact him.

All pictures taken by Eric V Santos.

Here are the highlights:

600353_10151532412165930_1910848806_n 420_10151532412010930_2062007255_n 1627_10151532409790930_1004534744_n 295532_10151532411310930_254325246_n 479852_10151532411135930_1423431738_n 485972_10151532410515930_1813833043_n 544212_10151532410095930_1071528687_n 578433_10151532410590930_394530796_n 580687_10151532411130930_535685115_n

Beautiful pics, right?  Eric is awesome, and VERY easy to work with.  He’s great.  Now ask me why I don’t like them!

Well Hive, I’m glad you asked… it’s because I’ve lost almost 50 lbs since those pics were taken.  I think I look fat in them.    Here’s what I look like now (please excuse the crappy photo… I  took this in the bathroom at work):

bathroom photoI’ll tell you how I lost 45 lbs tomorrow (note: it wasn’t easy).  I am still not at my goal, BUT I went from being obese to overweight.  WOOHOO!  I still have 30 ish more lbs to lose which will put me smack in the middle of a healthy weight for my height (note: I am a shorty at 5’1″)

But now I have these great pictures… that I don’t like.  Although, I did put some up on our website.  I wonder if Eric would take some more?  hehe, just kidding.

If you want to see more of Eric’s awesome work, here is his flickr page.


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