Guest List Breakdown

It’s funny because when we initially started thinking about our wedding, we were going to do a VERY small (20 person total, including us) wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Once that plan got scrapped and we decided to go to Punta Cana, we had a lot more freedom with our guest list.

When thinking about who to invite, Mr. BC never thought we could come up with even 50 friends and family to invite.  Well, dear hive… guess how big our guest list invite list is?


one hundred and frikkin’ four!!!

OMG_smallerImage via Prize 31

(I know this is small in the grand scheme of weddings, but going from 20 invitees to 104 was a big jump to us! And we really don’t know *that* many people, nor are  either of our families super large.  So the number seemed big to us.)

It’s unlikely all of those people will attend.  I believe the standard attendance rate for a destination wedding is around 40%, so we’re looking at about 40 people.  Which is actually still quite a lot.  I’d be stoked if we got 40 people to come to the DR with us.

Just for fun, here’s a breakdown of our guest list:

Guest Breakdown 2Bride side vs Groom side

Guest Breakdown 1Further breakdown of bride side vs. groom side

OMG, Excel makes me feel so freaking smart and accomplished!  Look at my awesome pie charts!

 So, it’s nice that we’re split pretty evenly down the middle.  I felt very strongly about wanting to invite ALL of my aunts, uncles and cousins.  I have been excluded from family weddings before and didn’t want to have anyone else feel that way.  Mr. BC invited all of his aunts and uncles and a couple of cousin’s who he is close to.  For the rest of the list, we decided that if both people didn’t know the invitee, then they were cut.

I feel good about our list.  Of course there are a few people I wanted to invite, but just felt like the list was getting too long.  We just added two additional people today too.  Ugh… I can totally see how it’s really easy for guests lists to completely blow up.  Since we’re having an adults only wedding, cutting the kids alone was a huge  numbers savings…  there are 18 total kids amongst our guests.

So there we have it.  Whatcha think, Hive?  Think we’ll get 40 awesome friends and family who want a vacation in paradise want to witness our wedding in paradise?


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