Hello, my name is change

My-Name-is-ChangeImave via Soshable

Without even giving it that much thought, I knew that I was going to change my last name after I get married.  I’ve been with Mr. BC for almost 7.5 years, so I guess I’ve had a lot of time to mull it over…??? The idea of keeping my maiden name never even really crossed my mind too seriously.

I don’t think that I tie my identity to my last name.  I mean, I didn’t get to pick either my first or last name.  I very much believe in a “family” unifying last name.  I WANT to have the same last name as Mr. BC.  Plus, total bonus, Mr. BC has a good last name.  I once dated someone with an AWFUL last name… it kinda sounded like “smelly”.  I always, always knew that should it ever work out between the two of us, I’d NEVER take his last name.  Plus, if  Mr. BC and I ever have kids, I’d for sure want to have the same last name as them too.  And I am too lazy to hyphenate.

Anyway, back to the point… while I was visiting my parents last Thanksgiving, all of us were sitting around the table post meal, and the topic of me changing my last name came up.  The people around the table included: my dad, my uncle (by marriage), a male cousin, plus my grandma (who changed her last name twice), my aunt (who changed her last name after marriage), and my mom (who changed her last name after marriage).  All three of these women, especially my mom, seemed really surprised that I had decided to change my name.  It was a trip.  I pointed out that all three of them had decided not to keep their maiden names.   Maybe name change after marriage is in our genes!

Thanksgiving FamilyThe BC Family at Thanksgiving: me, dad, grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin.  Photo by Mom BC

In letters to Mr. BC, I sometimes write out “from the future Mrs. Lastname.  And I get giddy… then I actually feel a little weird because that’s also his mom’s name.  HA!  So then I put: “but not in a weird way, like your mom” 😉

By the way, I totally respect anyone who decides against taking their husbands last name.  I know many women completely identify with their maiden name, and don’t even consider the idea of changing it.  Women power, ladies!  You go.  This is just my personal opinion.

Although, I will admit that it does feel a little weird to know that soon I will not share the same last name with any of my dad’s family.  It will be sad to not have the same last name as my mom.

Did you, or are you, planning on changing your name after marriage?  Why?


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