Cake Toppers!

Don’t you just love what I did with the blog title there?  How creative am I?  hehe.

With a destination wedding, I was really undecided about what to do with the cake topper.  I looked around the internet and pinned several options to my board.

If I had a ton of extra money, I would TOTALLY buy this one and personalize it with our hairless cats:

cake topperImage via Etsy Seller: mudcards

It’s $170.  Owie!!  My budget just cried a little.  Okay, back to reality… here are some of my (normally priced) favorites which are on my pinterest cake board:

cake topper 1Image via Etsy Seller: CoralMintDesign

cake topper 2Image via Wedding Shop

cake topper 3Image via Etsy Seller: SkyeArt

All are so cute, right?  I liked the “Best Day Ever” concept, but am not really working that wording into any of my wedding stuff.  So, I nixed it.  I also really liked the pennant, but it was like $30 plus  tax and shipping. More than I want to pay.  And… those birds!!  OMG, so cute!

Despite being conflicted, I ultimately decided to go a different route… the bent wire route!!

Side note, I ended up buying  a “Mrs” hangar on Etsy, so I liked the idea that the cake topper matched this theme.  Although absolutely none of our guests will “get it”.  Oh, well.  I’ll  know!

I ordered red wire, but the seller messed up and used silver.  Thankfully she sent me a picture before shipping it out.  After I asked her about it, she made me another one in red… and sent me both in the mail.  SCORE!!  Her store is called “Nurystuff” on Etsy, and she was great to deal with.  Cool fact, she is in Spain, so your package comes from Spain!  Neat!  (It was also beautifully packaged with a lovely box, organza ribbon, and hand written note.)

Here’s the stock photo of the cake topper:

cake topper 4Image via Etsy seller: nurystuff

And here is what I received (I’m sorry, the pics suck a little.  My cats would NOT leave me alone!  It was tough getting these two terrible shots.)

Cake Topper SilverCake Topper Red

Personal photos (Sirius is in both shots, can you spot him?)

I just love that the ‘i’ in Tim is dotted with a heart.  Adorable.

All in all, I’m really pleased with them.  And this was a very budget friendly $27 (including shipping and all that other jazz).  I am REALLY happy the seller  sent me the silver one too, because I feel like the “red” wire is a bit pinkish.  I think I may end up using the silver one after all.  I am also glad that I went with the wire because it’s really light!  It won’t weigh that much in our suitcases.  Although, the one negative is that it is super pliable… so I will have to keep it really secure in order for it not to get bent and messed up.

So happy to check “cake topper” off the to-do list!  Now I only have like 300 things left.  Okay, 299… I just checked this off, right???



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