Two Rings to Rule… well, no one!

See what I did there?  Oh, you didn’t???

I  tried to fit a LOTR reference in there… but who are we kidding; Mr. BC and I rule NOBODY, not even those pesky brats cats in our own home.  (Sidebar, I am sure that LOTR references are SO passe, but that’s how I roll.)

Just for fun, here are some gratuitous cat pictures:

bellatrix sirius










Bellatrix in a Box / Sirius on a Box (and the second picture is totally wedding related; that is all wedding crap)

Anyway, Mr. BC’s wedding band arrived!  Finding him a ring was tough because 1. We’re long distance and 2. He had a lot of different wants on his list of things in a ring.  He wanted: redwood AND some bling.  Those things are kind of contradictory.  I swear there must be more things he wanted in a ring that made it seem super daunting, but I can’t remember them now.  But I am an AWESOME fiance, and I found it!

His Ring:

rings 3rings 2ring in the box, ring on my finger

Pretty sweet, huh? Mr. BC seemed pretty darn pleased with the pictures.  The ring is from the website: Jewelry by Johan and his particular ring is the Titanium Hawaii Koa Wood ring.

Mr. BC was a little disappointed that we couldn’t find an actual redwood ring, but I thought this one was a good compromise.  And, even though he hates Hawaii, it’s kind of a nod to this point in our lives!  I think it’s symbolic and romantic.  Plus, his engagement ring is redwood, so he already has a redwood ring.  (Sidenote: I didn’t mention this in my original engagement story post, but I did get Mr. BC a “real” engagement ring.  He didn’t get permanently stuck with a $6 mood ring that, may or may not have, turned his finger green.  For his engagement ring, Mr. BC picked out a Forever Metals Neptune Redwood/Tungsten ring.)

Mr. BC picked out BOTH of my rings on his own, with not really an input from me.  He got my wedding band several months ago:

K Ring 1HELLO GORGEOUS!!!  I love you!  (My ring is from Blue Nile)

My e-ring and wedding band together:

rings 1They don’t match, and I don’t care.  I love that he picked them out on his own.  (Blurry pic; diamonds are hard to photograph with an iPhone!)

Here are the two wedding bands together:

rings 4

All photos in this post are personal

YAY!  We have rings!

Hive, would you care if you e-ring and wedding band didn’t match?  Does your FI need wood in his ring?  (Mr. BC is a Park Ranger through and through!)


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