DIY – Resort Room Key & Money Holders

Hive, here’s another DIY project completed by yours truly!

This DIY really is destination wedding specific: this is a holder for your room key and tip money while at the beach or pool (or heck, while you’re out anywhere outside of your room.)  I totally stole borrowed this idea from the DIY section of the Best Destination Wedding Forums.

Because I get excited, and am proud of this project, here is the finished product:

Room Key holder       tips1

These were a breeze to make.  I found the template on the BDW website and just tweaked it to fit my wedding details.  The edges read: “To have and to hold my room key and tip money, from poolside to bar stool, when tipsy or sober, in heat and humidity, until I depart”.

I printed them on Avery 5390 Badge Inserts and used resealable badge holders (which had a ziplock edge.  This was the worst part of the project, getting the zip locks open the first time kinda sucked.  Some were stuck together).

room key holder 2

I bought multicolored wrist coils (with whistles attached) (1 doz for $4) and mini flashlight key chains (1 doz for $6)  from Oriental Trading Company.  I used mini flashlights because someone on Trip Advisor had complained about dark paths at night, with poor lighting at the resort.  I don’t want any of my guests to trip and/or fall.  That would suck.

The  assembly line:

room key holder 3FOR ONCE, the cats left me alone for my photo session!  Wrist coils with whistle (plus a stack of discarded whistles), flashlights, badges.  The stack of “done” holder is on the upper right.

All photos are personal

I decided to remove the whistles from the wrist coils because I feared drunk tipsy guests might get inappropriate with them at all hours of the day and night.  I then added the flashlight key chain, and attached the badge holder.

And… VOILA!  Totally cute, personalized holders for our guests to keep their room key(s) and/or cash.  This project was pretty quick too.  I did 3 dozen in about 90 minutes (2 episodes of Four Weddings.)  I am going to include them in the OOT (out of town) bags.

I love how they turned out and I hope our guests find them useful.


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