Bridal Fair Experience

Just for fun, I took my MOH and BM to a Bridal Fair a couple of weeks ago!  Really, there is absolutely no reason for me to have attended, since I’m doing a destination wedding, but come on… I went for the champagne and cupcakes!  And the photo booth!

Having never attended such an event, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It was held at a hotel in SF; Park 55 Wyndham.  We (sadly) had to pay our $15 to get in (I’ve heard a lot of times you can get in for free.  Dumb SF never gives away anything for free, I guess!) and then got our ID’s checked for wine tasting (now we’re off to a good start!)

Having no experience with these types of events, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The fair was smaller than I imagined; it was maybe 20-30 vendors.  There were A LOT of photographers, dance lesson companies (including pole dancing!  oh la la…), a dress boutique, a couple of skincare companies, venues (someone from Yosemite National Park was there.  Which I hadn’t even considered as a venue, but I bet that would be really rustic and beautiful!), event planning companies, and a couple of caterers.  I’ll let the photo’s speak for themselves:

Bridal Show 6Getting primed and ready to go in: Bestie J, Bestie M and me. (We accidentally color coordinated in black/white and purple.  Bestie M and I  were twins right down to our purple sneaks!

bridal show 1

Bridal Show 14Mmmm, Cake.  These cakes were BEAUTIFUL!  And totally delicious!

Bridal Show 13Cupcake toast!!bridal show 3Appetizers from the hotel: prosciutto wrapped asparagus and dried apricots stuffed with cheeseBridal Show 4No champagne, but Love Wine was representing!Bridal Show 5SUSHI!!  This restaurant has portable sushi bars.  The hand rolls were DEEEEEEEELICIOUS!   Such a neat idea for a wedding if you’re into sushi.

The worst part of the event is that you’re in a room FULL of sales people, so everyone was pretty pushy.  (Which I hated).  It was a bit overwhelming.  You’d be minding your own business (or talking to someone else) and random people would try to get your attention, or just walk up to you and hand you their flier.  I was pretty glad to say “I’m planning a destination wedding!” and then try to extract myself from the conversation.  I’m sure this is the nature of the beast, and I can’t blame them for trying to drum up business.

All in all, I thought the experience was pretty fun.  I feel like I got my monies worth, and that I ate and drank $15 worth of fun… I think the photo booths alone MAY have been worth the cost of admission.

Bridal Show 8Our chalk boards read: “Besties 4-Ev” and “ERRRRRRRRRR” (Any Sandlot movie fans out there???)

Bridal Show 9Bestie L caught up with us later and missed the Photo Booth action. Womp, womp.

After we saw all the sights at the fair, we decided to eat some food.  This place was right across the street from the hotel:

Bridal Show 7All day happy hour?  YES, PLEASE!  Happy “Day” is more like it!

Bridal Show 10We finally got our champagne!

All Photo’s are Personal

We had a grand time sipping cocktails, eating small plates, laughing and joking about the day.  And of course, talking endlessly about the wedding and our vacation in Punta Cana.

Are/Did you planning on attending a bridal fair?  (Did you get in for free???  If so, how?)  Did you feel overwhelmed by sales people?  How was the cake?  😀


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