All things Headcount related…

You might remember that we initially invited 106 people to our Destination Wedding.

RSVP’s and room deposits were due in early April, so we’ve got our initial headcount for the wedding:

Out of 106 invitee’s, it looks like 26 guests are attending (we booked 15 rooms, including ours).  That is AWESOME!!  Mr. BC and I honestly weren’t sure if anyone would come.  (Hey, it’s a lot of money to ask your loved ones to spend!)

Here’s my spiffy pie chart:


Really, the only reason this got skewed so heavily toward my side is because my awesome aunt, uncle and cousins are coming!  And I have 2 co-workers (plus spouses) who are able to join us.  That gave me an extra 8 attendees.

I think a 40% response rate is customary for a destination wedding, but we did not really anticipate our numbers getting that high.  We knew most of our family members would not be able to attend.  And we also knew we’d lose people with children.

The headcount may change slightly as we get closer to the big day, but I’m hoping we stay right around where we’re at.  I think a headcount of 30 or less would be a perfect destination wedding.  It’s small and intimate enough to really spend lots of quality time with your guests.  (And easier to keep wedding costs down!)

We had to hit 10 rooms otherwise we’d lose the room block discount, so I was incredibly relieved and happy that we’ve got 15 rooms booked.  Now I can start to work on the Out of Town bags!

I know a lot of you told me I could get a higher acceptance rate than is customary, are you surprised by our numbers?  What is your headcount looking like?


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