Kinda-Sorta DIY: Chair Signs!

Heya Hive!

I recently did a little more crafting.  I love the idea of the Mr/Mrs Right Chair Signs for the bride and groom at the reception.  But I, of course, wanted to put a funny spin on them.  I totally stole this idea from a friend’s wedding several years ago.

This is my almost-finished product:

Chair SignsPersonal Picture

This was such an easy project, I’m not even sure I should call it DIY.  I created the signs in powerpoint.  I used the same font as all my other craft junk (along with the heart… nothing new there).  Then I inserted a border onto the slide for visual appeal.

I had bought an edge punch from Michael’s a few weeks ago that I’m trying to get my $14 out of, so I punched the edges of the white card stock.  Then I mounted the white card stock onto red card stock using spray glue.

Just a little tip… if you use an intricate edge punch, use spray glue.  The edges that were punched with a design were so fragile and delicate that they broke and got bent when I used glue tape as the adhesive.  The spray glue will cover all the little tiny nooks and crannies with glue, making sure that the entire edge is covered in glue and adheres to the back cardstock.

I still need to punch holes in the edges and run my red satin ribbon through, but so far, I am thrilled with how these signs turned out.

Guess what else I ran across (and impulse purchased) on Etsy?

Mr Mrs Wine GlassesImage via Etsy seller:  jcdezigns,

These toasting flutes make me SO HAPPY!  I LOVE THEM!  The lips… the mustache.  OMG, I die.  I can’t wait to use these at our reception.

Hooray for pseudo crafting!  And… for finding coordinating items that you can buy b/c you’re not really *that* crafty!


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