More Fake DIY!

I’m considering this fake-DIY because I modified a previous template of mine…. and because these were very easy to “make”.  I’m happy to cross another really, really, ridiculously easy project off my to-do list! (Zoolander reference, anyone?) Via Profile Engine

In an effort to make our guests lives easier (and hopefully make them feel a little special)… I “borrowed” the idea (BDW forums, yo!) of sending out a pre-trip brochure.  It’s going to have a packing list, information about the Punta Cana airport and getting through customs, information about the resort, general travel information (weather, currency, etc) and a thank you note for attending.

Just for fun, I am going to add luggage tags along with the brochure.  The hope is to make our guests bags more identifiable, and to help them recognize other wedding guests at the airport.

Here’s the finished product.  Et Voila!:

Luggage Tags 3Front side / Back side

So… here’s how I made them:

Step 1.  Buy the wrong luggage tags on Amazon (Trust me, don’t buy these)

Step 1.  Buy luggage tags on Amazon!  Actually, you may want to go ahead and buy the wrong luggage tags and then use the plastic loop that came with them.  (Good thing it wasn’t a total waste of $15?)  However, you could just as easily use ribbon or something for the loop.

Step 2.  Modify the tip money / room key holder with luggage tag wording!

Luggage Tags 1The cast of characters: luggage tags, plastic loops, red ribbon, scissors and badge inserts.  (Water glass is optional, but come on, hydration is important.)

Step 3.  Assemble, assemble assemble… cut out all your luggage tag inserts (they were perforated).  Stuff them into the plastic luggage tags.  (Attempt to not get a million hang nails while you’re at it.  Then fail at that.)  Attach the loop.

I bought that red ribbon on Amazon, not realizing how much ribbon I was actually buying, so, since I’ve got a ridiculous amount of it, I decided to make bags even more identifiable and added red bows onto the tags.   Easy Peasy. The worst part about this step was that Bellatrix kept trying to eat / play with the ribbon.  I think she got squirted about 10 times from the water bottle.

Luggage Tags 4The finished product

I spy some petals for programs in the background!!  (And Bellatrix’ arch nemesis… the water bottle)

This wasn’t the same day or anything, but this picture was right after the luggage tag ones in my phone, and it’s too cute not to include:

Luggage Tags 5Kitten snuggles!

All photos are personal

This project was a quick one.  I think it was an episode of The Mindy Project and The New Girl (so an hour total).

And, it is done a mere four months early!  I figured I’d send out the travel brochure mid-October.  Of course, the brochure is done and VistaPrint is waiting for me to pull the trigger and give them my $$!

But one thing at a time…  😉


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