More on flowers…

So, remember my last post on flowers when I said I was too cheap to buy a faux bouquet, and that my wedding package included one anyway so I was going to suck it up and go with the “free” route?

Uh, I changed my mind!  What’s interesting is that now that I’m knee deep planning my quirky, red-colored destination wedding, I don’t even like the peony bouquets anymore.  They just don’t go with our wedding.  Funny how life works, huh? I am so glad I didn’t buy them way back then!

The irony being that despite still being months away from our wedding day, I bought an Etsy bouquet!  I just got too scared that I wouldn’t love my bouquet, so I bit the bullet and bought a faux flower bouquet.

It arrived yesterday!  Take a gander:

Flowers 1Ugh, this is the story of my life.  Bellatrix was WAY interested in the flowers!

More prettiness, sans annoying cat:

Flowers 3

Flowers 4

Bouquet with matching boutonniere:

Flowers 5


Flowers 7All Photo’s are Personal

The faux flowers were not cheap, BUT I really like how they turned out.  And I’ll have them forever.  The seller told me her wedding bouquet from 14 years ago still looks awesome.   Sweet!

Here is the stock photo of the bouquet:

Flowers EtsyImage via Etsy Seller: Wedideas

Stephania from Wedideas was GREAT to work with.  She answered my questions promptly, and was able to make the customizations I asked for.  She even sent me a sample pic of another bouquet she’d done in my colors so I could see what it looked like.  We tweaked that, and ended up with my final product.  I LOVE the red embellishments!  She also customized the boutonniere for me.

Would you consider using faux flowers for your bouquet/boutonniere?  Are there any wedding decisions that you’ve changed your mind on?


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