Saying “Yes to the Dress”

I was really looking forward to trying on wedding dresses.  But more specifically, this was something I was really looking forward to doing with my mom.  My parents retired and moved to Tucson a little over a year ago.  It was difficult for me to have them move, and be so far away.  My mom is one of my best friends, and it’s just plain hard not being able to see her (or get a giant, comforting hug) whenever I want.  So I was thrilled to have the chance to try on dresses with my mom.

Despite all my excitement to try on dresses, I really, really worried that I wouldn’t have “the moment”.  You know… the MOMENT.  The moment a bride tries on her dress and just KNOWS.  She cries, her mom cries, everyone in the store cries…

I am not a girly girl AT. ALL.  I almost exclusively wear my hair in a ponytail; I hardly ever wear dresses, and I HATE high heels.  Heck, I wear flip flops and yoga pants pretty much every day.  That is my go-to ensemble if I’m at home, or bumming around town. (Sorry to all the Target patrons.  I hope you like my yoga pants!)  I really worried about how I would pick a dress, and whether I’d have the dress moment.  I did not think I’d cry, or tear up or anything.

Back to our story…

One morning when I was in Tucson, my mom and I woke up at the crack of dawn (Okay, 8:30), ate some breakfast, and set off to David’s Bridal:

Dress Shopping 1Yikes, could I be any more pale?  I doubt it…

I’m not sure if this is common practice, but after we checked in they told us to browse the racks and pull any styles that we liked.  Now, this request really confused me!  After my mom made the appointment, I had been instructed to create a profile online and pick out dresses that I liked.  I (dumbly?) assumed that I had been instructed to do this for a reason… like, you know, so they could pull dresses in advance?  Or at the very least get a sense of my style when it came to dresses.  So I was really surprised that I had to browse the racks (and racks, and racks) of white dresses in bags.  I mean, come on… they don’t let you browse the racks in Say Yes To The Dress!  And now I know why! It was, quite frankly, really over whelming to browse those racks and try to get an idea of what the dresses looked like outside of their bags, and to try to figure out if I liked them enough to try them on.

Here’s what we were dealing with:

Dress Shopping 3Who could tell what they liked in that sea of white and plastic???

So, we wandered around, and pulled a few dresses.  Then my consultant, Ashley, finally came up to us.  I mentioned to her that I had created a list of favorites on my DB online account (alright, alright I think I was “deer in headlight-ing it”, and my mom had to ask.  Thanks mom!), and she looked at my list.  She asked which dresses I wanted to try on (Um, why did I bother making the list of favorites???  Hello, I want to try all of them on!).  So I pointed out my favorite dress, and then, in my confusion and state of overwhelm, picked one other one to try on.  (All those hours and hours of research on were for nothing.  I only tried on two dresses from the website.)

Then, I got a tour of the store (totally pointless, I can barely decide on a dress much less shoes and accessories, lady!) and then she went to go pull my dresses.

My dearest Mr. BC… this is the part where you should scram!  Dress pictures are ahead!  Okay, byeeeeeee!

make-like-a-tree-t-shirt-snorgteesImage via T-Shirt Guru

Okay, now that he’s gone…

I’m very sorry, but I have no idea of the style numbers of any of the dresses I tried on.  So I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Dress Shopping 5Dress #1

It was about at this moment that I had my “OMG, I’m trying on wedding dresses moment”.  It’s really, really surreal!  My first thought was: “crap, my upper body looks really fat!”  I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn a strapless dress and man… you feel really exposed!

I liked the first dress, but didn’t love it.  So out came the next dress.

Dress Shopping 6Dress #2 (There’s Ashley off to the left side.  Hi Ashley!)

Very weirdly enough, my mom and I both liked this dress ON, but we look at the pictures now and are like: “um, eww!”  (Actually, my mom is very sweet and would never say that.  But we definitely didn’t like the dress in these photos.)

So, since I liked this one better than the first, we kept it in the room, and kept going…

Dress Shopping 7Dress #3

I thought this dress was okay, but I wasn’t too sure about it.  I couldn’t figure out what I didn’t like about it.  After seeing it in the pictures, I now know that I really don’t really like the vertical lines under the chiffon running to the ground.

So we moved on…

Dress Shopping 8Dress #4

I REALLY liked this dress.  At this point, this dress was my top contender.  But although I liked this dress, I still wanted to know where my favorite dress from the website was.

Ashley then told me that they didn’t have my that dress in stock.  SAY WHAT???  I was like: “uh, why the heck didn’t you say something earlier???” (This exchange only happened in my head though.)  I was super disappointed because I’d been thinking about that dress for months.  Even when trying on the earlier dresses on, I kept wondering when we’d come to the favorite.  I think I’d been holding out on loving a dress until I could try on the favorite.

She then asked me what I liked about the favorite dress.  I said: “it’s flow-y and romantic, it’s timeless and super classic with a sweetheart neckline”.  So she ran off and said she had the perfect dress for me.  And brought me this…

Dress Shopping 9Dress #5

… Which I didn’t really like at all, and honestly, it looks absolutely nothing like my favorite dress.  She kept telling me it was everything I asked for.  (Um, no it’s not.)  I will say that this dress FIT really well.  I think it was actually my size and it zipped right up.  So I liked how my figure looked in the dress, but I didn’t really like the dress.

Just for fun, here was the dress I was dreaming about for months prior to my appointment.

Melissa SweetDavid’s Bridal: Melissa Sweet Style MS251044

Call me crazy, but those dresses look NOTHING ALIKE.

So we were down to the wire… my appointment was almost over and  I had one last dress to try on…



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