Saying “Yes to the Dress” – the Conclusion

Alright,  lovely MR. BC… you have to scram right from the get go this time!

make-like-a-tree-t-shirt-snorgteesImage via T-Shirt Guru

After we left off, I had: browsed the dress racks, felt extremely overwhelmed, tried on five dresses, and been disappointed that David’s Bridal did not have my favorite dress in their store that I could try on.

My appointment was winding down and there was one more dress left for me to try on.

As I was looking at the dress on the hanger, I remember thinking how similar it looked to the Melissa Sweet dress.  I held my breath as Ashley put it on… I loved the dress on the hanger, but would it look good on me?  I was really worried about how it would look on my short (I am 5’1″), “curvy” (definition: overweight) body.

Ashley laced me up and I held my breath (yes, some more… I have a pretty good lung capacity) as I walked out to the mirror (very weird that there are no mirrors in the dressing room, btw!!)

Dress Shopping 10Dress #6

The pic kinda stinks, sorry.

Although, being someone who has a hard time making decisions, I wasn’t sure after seeing myself in the mirror.  The last dress that Ashley had brought out had actually fit really well and zipped up.  This dress had the clips on it, and it wasn’t fitted in the hips.  I wondered if it looked as good on me as the last dress had.  Ashley added a few more clips and pulled the fabric in tighter.   And while I still LOVED the dress, I wasn’t 100% sure about the dress on me.

But what made me really and truly fall in love with the dress was the sash…

Dress Shopping 12Sorry, no good full length pic with the sash, but this was what I tried on.

With the sash on, I loved, loved, loved the dress.  I loved it ON ME.   (Side note, I read on the dress reviews on the DB website that several other brides had the same experience with adding the belt.  The belt really makes the dress, I think!) I had my “say yes to the dress” moment and totally started tearing up.  I rang the DB bell, and wiped my tears away.  I glanced over and THANKFULLY my mom was tearing up too (not that I want her to cry or anything, but a girl kinda hopes that her mom gets misty seeing her daughter in her wedding dress, you know?).

I realized after the fact (way after the fact… when we were at lunch) that this dress was in my website favorites!  This was the dress I had asked Ashley to pull from my website favorites.  Score one for ME!  And, a week or so later I was looking at my website favorites again, and I realized that my dress is actually in there twice: once on the skinny model, and again on the fuller-figure sized model.  It’s fate!  I liked it so much that it was my favorite on two different women.

My dress finally arrived in person, so here are some slightly better pics.  I ordered a crystal belt, but it hasn’t arrived yet,  so it’s  not in the pictures.  The dress was fresh out of the shipping box in the photos, and still needs alterations… it’s a bit wrinkled, it is crazy too long, and too big in the hips/thigh, but here it is:

THE Dress 7Here’s another sucky iphone pic… that line down my front is from the window blinds

My mom cracked me up when she saw this picture.  Because I’m so short, and the dress is so long, she thought I was kneeling on my knees.  Sadly, no.  I am that short.

THE Dress 2

THE Dress 4All photo’s are personal.

I love how happy I look in these pictures!  And, I need to work on my posture!  Slouch, much?

And just for fun, here’s the skinny, air brushed model in the dress:

Dress_model 1

Dress_model 2

Images via David’s Bridal

I am so happy to have found a dress.  And excited that I had my “say yes to the dress” moment with tears.  Were you stressed out by buying a dress?  Did you have a teary moment?


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