DIY – Wedding Week Survival Kit


Here is another DIY project from a not-very-crafty person that I am EXTREMELY excited about!  (I think I say that every time, I’m sorry!  I am just so thrilled that my non-crafty self is pumping out pretty decent crafts!)  This is another idea shamelessly stolen from the DIY section of the BDW website.

It’s affectionately known as an “Oh Sh*t” kit on the forums, but I changed it to survival kit because I really don’t think my parents, aunt/uncle, future in laws, or my boss would appreciate the profanity.  (You’re welcome, mom!)  I am putting these in the Out of Town Bags with the hope that it contains things our guests may need, but not necessarily have brought with them all the way to the DR.

I’m doing one kit per OOT bag, and each kit contains:

  • Mini 1st aid kit with band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and gauze
  • 2 Tylenol packs
  • 2 Advil packs
  • 2 Pepto-Bismol packs
  • 2 electrolyte powder packs
  • 2  shout wipe packets
  • Mini Altoids
  • 2 Insect Repellent towelettes
  • Travel size Aloe Vera Gel
  • Travel size Hand Sanitizer

Survival 1The Cast of Characters.  Um, ignore the messy unmade bed.

Using the BDW forums, I downloaded templates to make a personalized label for the first aid kits and a topper for the zip lock bag.  I made minor tweaks to the templates and was ready to roll!

I printed the kit toppers on 110 lb weight white card stock, and the first aid kit labels onto sticker paper.

Survival 6I am giving up on blurring our personal information.  If you really want to fly all the way to the DR to crash our wedding, I’ll see you there!

Cut, cut, cut… and you end up with:

Survival 2

I put the sticker labels onto the first aid kits, and then just stuck all of the goodies into a quart size zip lock bag.  Then I folded the topper in half and stapled it to the top of the bag.

Et Voila!

Survival 4Survival 5

Front side / backside pictures.  (Cat tail not included)

All photos are personal.

The wording on the first aid kit and topper is: “Too Much Booze, Too Much Sun, Too Much Food, Too Much Fun”

I hope these are a special touch that our guests use and appreciate.  Before I met Mr. BC I was forever injuring myself on vacation.  One of these kits really could have come in handy.

In the past, while on vacation with friends, I’ve: gotten an ear infection (from an earring), broken an arm, and… fallen off a bus (yes, really.  SO. EMBARRASSING!).  Very sadly, the broken arm and bus fall weren’t even the same trip.   And, let’s not even talk about the Montezuma’s revenge from Mexico…  If only I’d had pepto on that trip!  Good thing I met Mr. BC when I did.  Who knows if I could have survived another vacation or two without him.

I am so happy with the finished product, and I think these turned out great. Is there anything you wish you had on vacation but forgot to pack?  What am I missing?


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