Invitation Reveal!

Tricked ya!!  The blog title is extremely misleading because…

We didn’t actually send out any formal invitations.  (Pick your jaws up off of the floor!  I’ll wait.)  Instead we  sent out an informal email “invitation” that included:  information about the resort, details about the wedding, and instructions about how our guests could “RSVP” and book their rooms (plus due dates for everything, of course).  Basically, people sending in the form to book their room WAS the RSVP.

Here’s what we sent:

invites 1Yup, a picture of my email / computer monitor!  Whee!

And here’s the shots of the attachment… welcome page, “RSVP” page:

invites 2Invites 3

I don’t think it gets more uncreative than this, folks!

Is that anticlimactic, or what??? Plus, it’s so not pretty.  Boo.

We chose not to send formal invitations for a few different reasons.  #1. They were really unnecessary.  We are using a Travel Agent, and requested that everyone book their rooms through her.  This gave us our headcount.  #2. It was a chance to save money. (OMG, FOR ONCE!)

My dad was pretty adamant that we HAD to send formal invites.  This is crazy weird because he has said almost nothing when it comes to the wedding.  Honestly, he has so few opinions about anything these days; I almost sent invites out just for him!  But alas… sorry dad, I didn’t send invitations.  I hope you still love me!

I have to admit that I feel really weird for not sending any out.  I think this is a huge breach of etiquette.  But, they are literally pointless.  It would be spending hundreds of dollars for no good reason. I’d rather use the money for something useful. And honestly, we’re just not “formal invite” kinda people.  My Travel Agent keeps telling me that you can make up your own rules with destination weddings.

I truly hope our guests can forgive us.  At least we know 27 people are okay with no snail-mail invite.

However, invitations are totally adorable, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I was scoping out invites really early on in the planning process.  I had these in my shopping cart, totally personalized, and ready to order had we decided to go the formal invite route:

invites 5Image via Michaels Craft Store

Looking at these now, I think that they are ALL WRONG for our wedding.  But at the time I thought the bird was so cute.  (I think I really like birds.  These would have totally gone with that bird cake topper I was eyeballing!)  We originally had a blue color theme when I was looking at these, so I was going to use blue envelopes (not pink as pictured). I was also planning on sprucing them up with a blue satin ribbon (like a belly band), and blue rhinestone stickers around the edges.

These were my second favorite invitations:

invites 4Image via Michaels Craft Store

I still like these quite a lot.  Me likey the post card RSVP form!  Since we’re planning on doing an At-Home Reception mid-2015 (this totally depends on where Mr. BC is living at the time), I may still use this set.  Although, it will probably depend on how much money we have left after the wedding!  Evites are free! And…um, if we’re poor after the wedding, we’re going the free route.

Hive, is it trés tacky to send an email wedding invite for a casual, beachy destination wedding?  I am so torn on the issue… I don’t have regret, per say, about not sending formal invites.  It’s more of a wistful hope that people aren’t PO’ed that we didn’t send a real invites.  Being a people pleaser sucks.  I wish I didn’t give a flying frak!

BSGImage via TVpedia

(Nerd Alert!! Battlestar Galactica, in the house!  Those people were genius.  What an awesome way to fake curse all over television!)


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