Show me your guns

I think most brides worry about their weight and how they will look in their dress.  Brides spend thousands of dollars on their wedding (and sometimes on their dress alone) and want to look good!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I lost some weight last year, but I’m not really at my goal weight yet.  Because of my weight, I was nervous to try on wedding dresses.  Bridal sizing is brutal!  Since I knew that my lower body was going to be covered, I wasn’t too worried about that.  My upper body on the other hand…

I was especially worried about an arm “butt”.  Is there a legit term for this?  You know how the area in between your arm and your body gets compressed and it totally looks like a butt crack?

Here’s an extreme example (it was the best I could find on Google images in the 15 minutes I spent searching for a picture.  DO NOT Google “arms that look like a butt”.  Whoa!)

arms 2Image via RealSelf

Again, this is an extreme example; I think this lady got plastic surgery, but hopefully you know what I’m talking about.

So, like tons of people before me, I am going to start the 100 push up challenge.  I think everyone knows what this is, but just in case, it’s a six week program designed to get you to be able to do 100 push ups.  (Big shocker, huh?  The name is just so misleading.)  You do 5  sets of push ups 3 x’s a week, and increase your reps each day.  Eventually you will make 100 a day.

For comparison purposes, here’s the picture of my upper arms when I was trying on wedding dresses.  Before:

arms 3Crap!!  Dress blurred for my grooms sake.

I definitely have some work to do.  Butt arms fo sho!  😦

I had a false start on the challenge last week.  I completed day 1 and kinda got busy and fell off the wagon.  What’s cool is that you’re sore all over… shoulders, back, abs, so it’s nice to know that so many different muscle groups are getting used (all areas I need help in!  Yay!).  My form is not that great yet.  I can only go 1/2 – 3/4 of the way to the ground.  And I noticed that I am trying to engage my quads, which I’ll have to work on.  But, I was able to do 16 “okay”  push ups.

Anyway, I will keep you updated to my progress, and I will come back and show pics once I receive my dress to compare and contrast how my arms look after (hopefully) finishing the program.  Being a bride is NOT for the faint of heart, I tell ya…

Are you trying to tighten/tone anything prior to your wedding?  Do you have any tips to avoid “arm butt”?  Anyone know what that is actually called?


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