Holla Hive!

OMG, OMG, OMG!!  I’m a bee?  I mean… I’M A BEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

You know how so many Bee’s in the past have been all: “I saw the email but couldn’t open it!”.  That totally wasn’t me… I am a giant spazz, and as soon as I saw “mouse” I opened that sucker up IMMEDIATELY.  I knew the anticipation would kill me, and I told myself when I applied that I’d open the email right away and deal with it for better, or worse (kinda like marriage, huh!).

Imagine my SHOCK when it said “we think you’d be a good addition”.  I nearly fainted.  And I was at work, so there was nobody to tell!!!!  Mr Border Collie lives in practically the most remote spot in Hawaii (more on that later) with no cell phone service, and my mom lives in another state.   I texted both of them, and thankfully my mom was around and “celebrated” virtually with me.  (Then she asked me if I had wedding insurance.  She reads the ‘Bee!  So sorry Miss Squid!!)

Total side note, I had a doctor’s appointment right after I found out I had been accepted as a Bee.  The poor medical assistant had to check my blood pressure twice because it was so high.  I was like: “I’M EXCITED!!!!”  Luckily I was able to calm down enough that the second reading was satisfactory enough for her (tho it was still a bit high).  Phew, because let me tell you, I was still totally amped up!  I think it took waiting in the doctors room for like 20 minutes before I calmed down.  (Nothing like sitting in a boring doctors office all by yourself to kill your buzz.)

A little about me…  Man, I don’t even know where to begin.  I often times feel like I’m a 12 year old, stuck in a 34 year old’s body.  (But thank goodness I can drink!)  I’ve got a silly sense of humor (“that’s what she said” will NEVER grow old, in my opinion) and I fall in love with everything the second it goes out of style.  I love yoga, wine, sarcasm,  puns, and over-exaggerating.  Um, and Mr Border Collie!  And our two sphinx cats, Bellatrix and Sirius!

Cats_SweatersWe make them wear sweaters, and yes, they hate it.  heh.

Mr. Border Collie and I met at work.   Jim and Pam from The Office have nothing on us!  He left corporate life not too long after we met to take a job with the National Park Service.  We were together for six years before getting engaged, and shortly after that he took a job in Hawaii to climb the government ladder.  The distance is temporary, and we’re hoping he can move back home after the wedding.

Napa DayOne of our many days spent in Napa.  :::heaven::::

Why the Border Collies?  No good reason… Mr. Border Collie had one as a child and his entire family loved the heck out of that dog.  His parents (my future in-laws) have a border collie / corgie mix now that I absolutely love and adore.  Plus, the icon was just too stinking cute. (Although, I think Shrimp was a close second… MR. BC and I are both shorties!  HA, geddit?)

I am a wordy mofo, and could go on for days, so I’ll just end it here.  Lets settle in together.  Grab a glass of wine, and  enjoy the ride.  I am so excited to be here (yeah, you heard me… I skipped the pun just for you!  You’re welcome!)  Let’s do this thing!



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