How We Ended Up Long Distance – Part 2 (Redux)

Just a reminder that I’m on vacation visiting Mr. BC this week!  So, I’m sharing the story about why Mr. BC and I are in a long distance relationship.

And I’m back!  Did you miss me?  Were you waiting with baited breath for the rest of my story? <insert crickets>  Okay, well anyway… when we left off, the day of Mr. BC’s departure arrived…

In February 2013, we both boarded a plane… me to accompany him and help him get settled, and him to start this new adventure.  (Yeah, I syked you out!  I went with him! The story’s not over!)

I vividly remember the drive to the airport and how anxious we both were feeling. When we first got on the plane, I started to cry.  Mr. BC gave me a hug, and said we couldn’t be the ONLY people crying on the way to Hawaii.

We arrived in Honolulu, and caught our puddle jumper to Molokai.  We spent a week on Molokai getting a lay of the land.  It was a hard trip.  My sweetheart wasn’t feeling very adventurous and there was a constant feeling of sadness hanging over us the entire trip.

We did some of this… (exploring)

Molokai 4

Some of this… (eating):

molokai 3

And a lot of this… (sitting around the condo, with masks on our faces, watching screens)

Molokai. 2

All photo’s are personal

We eventually made it to his park, and I got to spend four days living with him in his new home and helping him get settled.  I cleaned his disgusting dorm room, helped him move furniture, and bought him a bunch of stuff on amazon to help him feel more settled and at home (duvet, sheets, shower caddy, you know… the usual.).

And then, the day arrived that I had to leave. I had to go home… ALONE.  Without my sweetheart, my partner, my love…Ugh, that was a really hard day.   Knowing that you’re soon going to be separated from your partner, and best friend in the world, is heart wrenching. It’s awful and I can’t even describe how painful it was.

I promised myself on the ride to the airport that I wasn’t going to cry… I figured that I should have been all cried out.  HA!  I think I broke that vow to myself in like the first minute we were at the airport.  Crying publicly in a tiny airport, with lots of people around you is really horrible. There was a nice lady at the airport who knew Mr. BC from his first few days of work.  She saw us and told us that coming back together would be all the sweeter once we were reunited.  Whatever lady, save it!  I know the poor nun, <yes, the aforementioned “lady” was a nun> was trying to help, but man.  Nobody wants to hear that when they have to say goodbye and are totally crying at the airport.

I gave Mr. BC my final hug before boarding the tiny airplane, and he didn’t want to let go of me. I’m telling you; your sweetheart not wanting to let you go is the worst, worst, worst feeling ever.  How do you leave?

This was the crying (me) pic from the airport as we were saying farewell. Man, Mr. BC  is CUUUUUUUTE!

Molokai 5

Personal Photo

He finally let me go, and I got on the plane. As we taxied away, I could see Mr. BC frantically waving at me.  And I mean using his entire body…  arms fully extended, rocking from side to side, waving goodbye to me.  He waved as big as he could, wanting to make sure I could see him.  It was the best sight… I so love that man.  Seeing him wave goodbye to me like that, using his entire body and soul, filled my heart with love, and my eyes with tears.

I eventually stopped crying on the short plane ride.  I made friends with someone sitting across from me.  I’m going to call him John (because that is his name).  It turns out John worked in the park.  I asked him to give my sweetheart a hug from me every time he saw him.  My new friend was so amazingly nice.  He even asked his auntie to give me a ride to the main airport terminal so I could catch my connecting flight home. Once I got home, I told Mr. BC about John and asked if he’d met him yet.  But he hadn’t.  It took a couple of weeks, but they finally met.  And as promised, John hugged my sweetheart for me.  And then he did it again on their second meeting.

John was such a genuinely nice person and exactly what I needed when I was in that place/space.  I think he was an angel that was sent to me.   Now MR. BC will always get hugs “from me” on Molokai even though we’re 3,000 miles and an ocean apart.

Side note: John is STILL the!!  He is so, so nice and awesome.  1.5 years later he still gives Mr. BC hugs “from” me whenever they see each other.  I’m so excited to see him again on my trip.

It’s now been about 1.5 years into our LDR.  Mr. BC and I talk (almost) everyday on FaceTime.  I text him first thing (for him) in the morning.  We watch movies and TV shows (holla, Big Bang Theory!) “together”.  I “take” him with me to places via FaceTime.  We see each other (at LEAST) quarterly, with one person flying to the other.  And let’s be real, going to Hawaii a few times a year isn’t too bad of a cross to bear.   It could be worse!  We’re making this long distance thing work.

So, A hui kaua!  (Which is Hawaiian for: “until we meet again”.  Not that I speak any Hawaiian or anything, I just looked that up on the internet!  (Thanks internet!)


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