How We Ended Up Long Distance – Part 1

Hiya Hive! (I get a thrill every time I say that!  YIPPEE!)

You’re not aware of this, but I am not home right now!!  I’m in Kalaupapa visiting Mr. BC!!!  OMG, it’s been a long 3 months since he left to go back to Hawaii, but we finally made it.  Technically, I’m writing this post 1.5 weeks in advance, but I wanted to make sure to schedule some posts so you don’t miss me too badly while I’m gone. (That is how much luuuuurve you!)

You may be asking yourself: after seven years together, why the heck are you guys living more than 3,000 miles (and an entire ocean) apart!?!?  Well, it’s kind of a long story.  So settle in and grab a beverage.

I’m going to do this in two parts, so **WARNING*** Cliff hanger ahead!  (I know, I am so mean!  I personally hate cliff hangers! I have no patience.)

I think I already mentioned that Mr. BC is a park ranger.  He used to work at a park in the bay area (duh).  He got hired in 2007 and after a year got promoted, and then he kind of got stuck in that role.  He had mentioned to me years ago that the only way to really move up the ranks of the National park system was to work at different parks, changing jobs and seeking promotions along the way.

Well, cut to about three and a half years ago: positions started opening up in Hawaii, predominately on Molokai.  We love Hawaii and vacation there quite often, so whenever the postings would come up, he would ask me if he should apply.  This is going to sound new age-y, but I always try to go where the universe leads me.  I think things happen for a reason, and I believe in throwing your hat out there and seeing where you land.  You never know until you try. So I always encouraged him to apply for stuff.  The universe would guide us!  Whatever was meant to be, would be!  Plus, who doesn’t want to live in Hawaii?  This could be our opportunity to relocate to Hawaii permanently.

He never heard back after the first round of resumes were submitted.  As the year(s) passed, stuff would come up and I’d always encourage him to apply.  Cut to June of 2012.  A LOT of positions started posting in Molokai.  As per usual, I told him that he should apply, so he did.  A few weeks later he got an email saying his resume was moving to the next round.  WOW!  A few months after that, they actually called him for a phone interview… and he rocked it! The job sounded great; it was right up his alley, and played to all of his strengths!  He also got to talk to some people who worked (current and previous) in the park to get a feel for what park life, and living in such a small community is like.

I’m sure you can tell where this story is going… he got offered the position, and we were faced with the impossible decision about what to do!  He actually got the job… in MOLOKAI… 3,000 miles (and an ocean) away…!!!  OMG!  I’m not going to lie to you Hive, I really didn’t think we’d ever get to that point.  I didn’t think the universe would send my sweetheart to Hawaii.  (What the heck, Universe???)

We talked (and cried) a lot, but ultimately decided this was something he needed to do.  He was at a crossroads personally and professionally and it REALLY SEEMED like the universe was guiding him to Molokai.  Like literally… any road blocks or challenges that he might have faced, pretty much got smoothed out. Financial… personal… you name it.

Him temporarily leaving would also put us in a better spot in the future; this was a promotion, with the possibility of another promotion while on Molokai.  So really, how could he turn it down?  Plus, I’m not going to lie… he was burnt out on his old job, tired of all the politics and extremely tired of the daily 3-4 hour a day commute to/from work in gridlock bay area traffic.  And the bottom line is that the new job was an amazing opportunity.  There was no way he could turn it down.  So he took the job.

He was able to give three month’s notice and we got one more Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s together.  I’m not going to lie; those months prior to him leaving were EXTREMELY HARD.  Mr. BC had to pack up his most treasured belongings and ship them to a strange new home.  (And let me tell you, shipping to Molokai is HELLA EXPENSIVE!)

I almost don’t recommend having quite so much time before a giant life transition. The fear of change, and the anticipation of the unknown was incredibly stressful.  Having so much transition time was almost a bad thing.  You have a lot of time to imagine worst case scenarios, and worry and stress.  I really think the anticipation leading up to something is often times worse than the actual transition.  It was a tough few months.  (Although, Hive, I’m not going to lie to you… I’m a giant spazz in real life. I worry a lot, and have a lot of anxiety, so perhaps a long transition wouldn’t be so bad for you!)

Then, the day of his departure finally arrived.  So, stay tuned… tomorrow you’ll get the rest of the story.  And just so it’s not all talk, talk, talk… here’s a pic from Molokai.


Oh Hawaii… you’re gorgeous. (personal picture)


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