Wedding Party Pets?

Okay, so who doesn’t love animals in the wedding party?  (Um, I suppose non-animal loving people.)   I wasn’t really a big animal lover until we got our cats.

I just love and adore the concept of people using their pets  in the wedding party.  Get a load of these awesome photos:

Dog TuxedoImage via Kool Dawg Tees

dog tutuImage via EBay seller joinus2010

Dog Tux 2Image via OpenTip

Good Lord, cuteness overload! I NEED that pug in a tux!!

Sadly, we’re planning a destination wedding, so having our cats in the wedding party just won’t work.  There’s no way they could handle a 12 hour day of flying (you should hear our 30 minute car rides to the vet.  Yikes!) or being cooped up in a hotel room for two weeks.  So alas, I shall have to drool over adorable dressed up pets online.

And if you think we wouldn’t dress up our cats and parade them around at our wedding, you are WRONG!  See evidence:

We have lots of holiday outfits:

Cats_Elf Sirius Cats_Sirius Claus 2 Cats_Sirius Claus Cats_Christmas Beaky Cats_Beaky Claus

We’ve got Halloween costumes:

Cats_ET BT Cats_Beaky in the Hat

Bellatrix as ET and the Cat in the Hat.

We had Bellatrix in our Halloween costume one year!


And then we always try to cram them into anything possible:

Cats_Aloha BeakyThis is an Aloha Shirt for wine bottle that Mr. BC tried to get on her.  Doesn’t she look pi**ed!!  LOLOLOL

This is what it normally looks like:

Wine Koozie

And they have t-shirts (*cough*thatwecolorcoordinatewith*cough*):

IMG_0937 2Personal Photo

I am absolutely one of those weirdos people who would dress their pets up for the wedding.  No shame!

And, in case you’re wondering… they absolutely HATE wearing clothes!  Dressing them up is 100% for our entertainment and amusement.  And let me tell you, it’s AMUSING!

I so, so, so wish Sirius and Bellatrix could come to our wedding in a ridiculous outfit!  I am jealous of pet owners who get the chance to do this.  This might be the one, and only, negative thing about having a destination wedding.

And with that, I shall wrap up this entry, and leave you with one last awesome photo:

Cats_Angry Bird

Okay, just so it’s fair, here is me in the angry birds hat:

IMG_1315Our cats are spoiled.  We definitely have to position ourselves around them.

All Photo’s are personal, unless otherwise noted


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