Let’s do the time warp again…

Hey Hive!  I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I’ve been blogging about my wedding for the past nine months.  Once I got accepted to blog for Weddingbee, they started publishing my old archives.  That’s why you’ve seen my mug up here every day.  Well, we’re FINALLY all caught up.  YAY!

To you I’ve just started the push up challenge, but to me it’s actually been six weeks!  So I’ve come to post my progress and let you guys know how I did.  Good news / bad news… technically, I did six weeks worth of push ups, but unfortunately, I haven’t yet reached 100 push up status yet.

I was in Hawaii visiting Mr. BC for week three and I only did two out of the three days of push ups.  For some weird reason, push ups were REALLY hard there, and I was really, really sore after the first time.  In fact, my abs were so sore that I couldn’t do straight leg push ups the second day, so I had to get on my knees.  So I repeated week 3 once I got home.  Week 4 was also pretty difficult, and in the last set(s) I had terrible form.  So I decided to repeat week 4 to improve my form.  So while it’s been six weeks, I am “only” at 80 straight leg push ups.  (Even though I’m not at 100, I am pretty proud that I can do 80!)

Here’s the progress pics:


arms 3

And here’s my six week pic:

Push Ups 1Ugh, it was impossible to get the same shot, but hopefully this gives you some idea.

And here are my six week (pretty tiny, but at least you can kind of see them) biceps:

Push Ups 2It’s very hard to take selfies why trying to flex.  *sigh*

My six week assessment:  I am really liking this program!  In addition to gaining arm definition, I have noticed that my core and back strength has increased.   Although, it’s not easy; I seemed to sail through the first two weeks of the program, but after that the sets got really hard.  (As evidenced by having to repeat weeks 3 & 4.)  It was also kind of hard to motivate myself to do the sets, and I really had to talk myself into just getting them done.

And, for the good stuff… the results:  6 lb weight loss with a 2% decrease in my body fat composition.  Not too shabby!  (These results were also in conjunction with a low calorie diet plus: doing an average of 20 flights of stairs at work, a 30 minute walk, and 30 minutes of light yoga most days a week.)  Not too shabby.  I am out of town right now, but I hope to resume the challenge once I’m back home and finish the program.

So if you’re looking for wedding dress help, I’d suggest giving the 100 push up challenge a whirl.  It is not easy, but I think it can help give brides the upper body they are looking for in a strapless dress.  Plus, increasing muscle mass is always a good thing in the quest to burn fat.

Have you, or would you do the 100 push up challenge?  Are there any other tips I should know about to tighten up my upper body?  (Triceps are next on my list!)  Why is it so physically tough to workout when you travel???


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