On what’s important

Hey Hive, sorry for being absent.  I had a family emergency and spent the past three weeks with my parents in Arizona.  While it was terribly stressful, I am so glad I was able to be there for them.  Going through a health scare really puts things into perspective; the possibility of losing a parent (or any loved love one, really) kind of  makes the details of wedding planning seem unimportant.

My dad nearly died; right now I could care less about my bouquet or what’s missing from the out of town bags… all I care about is having him walk my down the aisle.  He is physically doing better, but I really am not sure what the future will bring; there’s no guarantees that he’ll still be with us in January.  And that is terrifying and sad.

A lot of people have said it far more eloquently than me (nothing new there!) but a wedding truly is about the union of two people… a celebration of love and family.  All the rest of the details don’t really matter.  I can’t wait to marry Mr. BC in front of the people that we care about most.  The fact that we get several days with our favorite people is priceless… it’s even more meaningful and special that I ever could have imagined.

To coin a phrase from the Beatles: “All you need is love, love… Love is all you need”.

love14Image via: Just Short of Crazy

As of Saturday, I am back home and slowly returning to “normal life” (whatever that means!), and hopefully I can get back into the wedding planning groove.  (Cuz, honestly, right now it’s hard to care about the details!)  I hope the further away I get from the stress, drama, and turmoil the more fun wedding planning will become again.

The post is all over the place, I’m sorry!  I think that’s where my mind is right now.  So I’ll just end with this thought…

Treasure your loved ones, Bees!  Time is finite and precious.


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