Pop of Color: A Groom’s Perspective

Mr. BC and I have been talking a lot about what he is going to wear at the wedding.  I love the look of ties and vests on grooms (and groomsmen) but that’s not really our style.  Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I have ever seen Mr. BC in a tie before.   We keep it pretty casual.

Mr  Meerkat looked fab in his classic ensemble:

Meerkat1The Meerkats / Photo via Del Sol Photography

But that’s just not Mr BC’s style.  I think we’re more like the Nacho’s:

NachosMr & Mrs Nacho’s / Photo via Blair’s Eye View Photography

However, Mr. BC does not like the idea of  100% all white.  His perspective:

“Every outfit, but especially one all of the same color, needs a splash of a different color.  Generally pants and shirts should be a base color, and something with some color to draw the eye.  Should also have a natural transition between upper and lower body — belts are a must for any mens outfit. “

And, then he suggested wearing… a red pirate sash.  No, I am not kidding.

He literally texted me this pic:

classic_pirateImage via Deco Dermots

This was me:

jwdrpReaction Gifts

Anyway, after some back and forth, I think I talked him out of the flamboyant pirate sash.  In my defense, I told him that if he felt really strongly about the sash, and he really wanted to wear it, that he could.  I just asked that he remove it for some of the photos.  He is a sweetheart and told me that he didn’t want to wear it if I didn’t like it.

So, we’re still not sure what type of color pop Mr. BC should have.  I asked him if he wanted a vest or tie and I got a big, emphatic “NO!”.  (Do I know him, or what?)  I also suggested a pocket square or boutonniere.  He DID NOT want a pocket square and said it would look like it was floating against the white shirt. So then I asked if he’d like to wear a kukui nut lei, or a maile style ti leaf lei.  But he said he had to check the cultural significance of them before deciding.

black-kukui-nut-leimaile lei

KuKui Nut Lei via Wave Shoppe | Maile Style Ti Leaf Lei via Hawaii Flower Leis

So, as of now, we’re undecided.  Hive, what do you think?  Is there an awesome splash of color idea Mr. BC can wear that we’re just not thinking of?  What else is there for men besides vests, ties, pocket squares and boutonnieres?   Would you mind if your groom wanted to wear a pirate sash to the wedding?  Help!


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