Be our guest… and sign our book

I guess it’s guestbook day on the ‘bee today!  (Holla Mrs. Pyramid!)

When I started out wedding planning, I KNEW I wanted a Polaroid / photo guest book.  I’ve still got these pins on my Pinterest board.  (These pics are obviously for traditional photobooths, but I was going to Polaroid/fauxtobooth it):

polariod 2 Polariod 1Images via: Bells and Thistles and Amanda Allen Photography

Then I learned that our photographer was throwing a photobooth into our package, and realized that bringing all the photobooth props and misc stuff to the DR would be a pain in the butt.  So I scrapped that plan, and started brainstorming.

Obviously, there are so many cute and creative guestbooks these days: Mrs Pyramids thumbprint guestbook, Mrs Clovers Fish Scale Art, Mrs Goat’s scrapbook guest book, etc.  I liked all of these ideas, but they just weren’t quite right for us.  And then I thought of the mad libs guest book… and I knew that was the guestbook for us; so fun and quirky!  I remember spending hours and hours playing mad libs as a kid.  Those memories are all precious, hilarious and dear.  I definitely wanted to recapture that in our guestbook.

There are lots of options for buying mad libs on Etsy, but I figured I’d take a stab at crafting them myself.  I googled lots of different wedding mad lib wording and then created a power point slide.  And here’s what I ended up with:

  Guestbook 2Front side / Back side

And here is the text I went with (the spacing is a little off as I was lazy and just copy and pasted it.  It looks better in real life.):

Kelly + Tim
Wedding Advice for the newlyweds


My name is _______________ and I came all the way from ____________

                                   name                                                                                         place

by _________________ to be here for you on this ____________ day.

         mode of transportation                                                         adjective

Here is my very best advice!

Don’t go to ______________ if you feel ______________. Always do

place                                                    feeling

____________________ things for each other. Most importantly, Kelly


___________________________________ for Tim. Also, Tim should

verb                                        adverb

__________________________________ for Kelly. You should never

                 verb                                       adverb

_________________ at ______________ ! Always ______________

                 verb                                  plural noun                                   verb

each other every __________________ and tell each other




I hope you________________for the next ___________ years. I wish

                                               verb                                       number

this from the bottom of my __________________!

body part                

I bought the actual guestbook on Etsy a few months ago from EmersonBindery:

guestbook 3

For scale; with an iphone 5:

guestbook 5

My mock up:

guestbook 1Hi Sirius!

I made a sign with instructions that I’m going to display next to the book.  I’m also going to leave colored pencils and markers with the hope that people sign, draw, and write on the blank parts on the page.  My plan is to get the bridesmaids and groomsmen to fill in a couple of pages first, so everyone else kinda knows what to do.

So what do you think?  Would you pseudo DIY your own guestbook?  What’s your favorite style of guestbook?  What are you / did you use(ing) for your guestbook?  Are there any new/different trends that I absolutely must know about?


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