WWBD: Reception Entertainment

Hive, you were extremely helpful last week with all your advice and input about Mr. BC’s wardrobe, and pop-of color options.  Thank you!  I came up with some new ideas, and threw the ball into Mr. BC’s court.  I’m not yet sure what we’ll end up with, but I am definitely liking the new path we’re on.

You were so helpful and awesome, that I’ve decided to throw all of my questions about the wedding to you guys for advice and input.  I’m calling the series “What Would Bee’s Do?”  HA!

So here’s my next dilemma: reception entertainment.  I am undecided about what to do for entertainment at the reception.  I have been kicking this around for six months and still feel just as undecided as the first day I started thinking about it.  *sigh*

Our wedding package comes with a 3 hour reception that includes dinner.  I figure dinner, toasts, 1st dance, and cake cutting is probably 90 minutes, right?  (Please feel free to correct me)  So that leaves 90 minutes to fill.  The obvious choice is to book a DJ, but the resort charges $1200 for three hours.


giphyI’m with you Fozzy! |  Gif via Giffy

That is way, way too expensive and definitely not in the budget.  Even if I had another $1200, I’d still probably spend it on something else on sheer principal (ie: not bowing down to price gouging, and wedding industry inflation!).  I could price out an off-resort DJ, but then I’d have have to pay a $500 non-resort vendor fee.  So a DJ really does not seem like it’s in the cards for us.

Hive, how do I create 90 minutes fun? I could only think of two options; Option 1:

  • IPod it up!  Create dance-y, fun playlists and bring a portable speaker.  This is very popular on the Destination Wedding forums.  My only hesitation about doing this is that our group is very small (only 26 total), and I worry that people won’t dance.  Off the top of my head, I feel like we’d only have 8 people that would be into dancing.  This could make for a very awkward reception, with a lot of people sitting around not having any fun.  No bueno.

Or, Option 2:

  • Do games! Mrs. SeaBreeze had a game that turned out to be a blast and super memorable.  Plus, there is always the Shoe game that Mrs. Waterfall had at her reception.  (Side note, how effing adorable is she in those pics?)  Are there any other reception games we could play?  2 games doesn’t really seem like it would fill 90-ish minutes.

My worst case scenario contingency plan is that if the reception is a total bust, we bail.  It is Dominican Republic party night on the beach that evening, so if we’re bored we can ditch the reception and go party on the beach. (And my, worst-worst case scenario, if the beach party sucks, hit up the disco.)

What do you guys think?  Should I create an IPod playlist, or scrap the dance party idea and just go with games?  Or, do something else entirely?  Any other amazing idea’s for a fun DW reception? Help!

PS. Thank you, and I love you!



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