My best girls!

Hive, you haven’t “officially” met my two best girls standing up with me yet, so I’m here to remedy that! (I didn’t actually introduce you to them in the bridal fair post, so I’m not counting that!)

First of all, we have MOH Bestie M:

BestiesJust another awesome day wine tasting in Napa!

I’ve known Bestie M since Junior High, but we were arch nemesises back then.  We shared a best friend, and the third girl purposefully pitted us against each other so we never ended up being friends.  However, we reconnected via Friendster (We’re old!) in our early 20’s and became FAST FRIENDS.  We’ve been super tight ever since and she is truly one of the best women I know.  I’m SO lucky to have her in my life, and am so thankful she is able to share my wedding experience with me.

Next we have Bestie L:

BM 4Us at a Mumford & Son’s concert.  L gifted us the tickets as an engagement present!

I met Bestie L through my current circle of friends several years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since.  Bestie L is crazy fun, super sweet, and has a huge heart.  I am beyond thrilled that she is joining us in the DR AND standing up with me.

So, when I talk about my best girls… well, that’s who I mean!

Bridal Show 12I have no idea what we were doing!  I heart them!



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