Gift giving is hard…

I am so thankful and appreciative to my girls for coming to the DR and being in my wedding.  I know that it is asking a lot, and I am SO FULL of gratitude toward them.  I really, really want to get them a good thank you gift.

In everyday life, I try to be a thoughtful gift giver.  I want to give something that the recipient will enjoy, and use.  I try to think about the person and tailor my gifts to something they will like, and appreciate. (Although, let’s be real, I am not above giving a gift card or anything.  #noshame)  I wracked my brain trying to think of worthy gifts for Bestie M and L.

BC Ladies, please discontinue reading this post.  (Bestie M, I’m talking to you!!  haha!  You know I love you, but scram!)   Gift reveal ahead with pictures, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.



make-like-a-tree-t-shirt-snorgteesImage via T-Shirt Guru


Here is what I came up with:


bm gifts 1

  • Personalized Bridal Jewelry (necklace)
  • Coach Wristlet
  • Funky red heart sunglasses for fun wedding photos

Here’s a close up shot of the necklace:

bm gifts 3Image via Etsy Seller: The Fabulous Jewelry

I love the infinite symbol on the necklace, and how the chain goes through the charm!  The necklace is personalized with their initial, and the card reads: “Bestie, I’m such a lucky bride to have my best girls by my side. Thank you for being in my wedding. Love, Miss BC”

I also got them each a Pinch Provisions MiniMergency Kit from Sephora (not pictured because I’m still waiting for them to arrive):

bm gifts 5Image via Sephora

I thought this was a really fun kit for the wedding.  For the bargain price of $16, the kits contain:  Adhesive bandage, Safety pin, Earring backs, Deodorant towelette , Nail polish remover pad, Stain remover pad, Clear elastics, Lip balm, Emery board, Tampon, Hair spray, Clear nail polish, Dental floss, Mending kit,  Breath freshener, Double-sided tape, and a pain reliever.

So, what do you think Bees?  Would you be happy to receive this gift?  I really hope they like it!


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