Trash the Dress & Wedding Regret

Hive, as you know I booked our photographer Phil Steingard Studios months and months ago… Booking him was a bit of a splurge, but pictures are one of the biggest priorities in the wedding budget to me (I mean us? heh).  Since his day of services were already a splurge, despite the fact that I really wanted to do one, I wasn’t sure if doing a Trash the Dress session could be squeezed into the financials.  So at that time we just booked wedding day services with the option to add the TTD session later.  However, I’m happy to say that after waiting several months, soul searching, and talking it out with Mr. BC, we officially booked a TTD session with PhotoPhil.

I am SO excited about this!  Every destination bride I’ve talked to, including Mrs. Nacho’s (part 2 here) and Mrs. Meerkat (part 2 here) has told me to “do it!” and said that their TTD was one of their favorite parts of the wedding.  I am, frankly, kind of relieved that we officially booked our TTD session.  While I was nervous about spending the money for something kind of unnecessary, I was even more nervous about having a deep regret about skipping this amazing experience.  It’s a huge relief (and extremely exciting) to have this decision made.

And just so you guys know, despite the session being called “Trash the Dress”, your dress doesn’t actually get trashed / ruined.  Often times it comes out of the ocean cleaner then before it went in.  Another name for the photo session is “Rock the Frock”.  I’ve always been partial to TTD tho.

Here’s some other bee’s who have done a TTD / Rock the Frock session and talked about the experience: Mrs. Meerkat, Mrs. Gondola, Mrs. Airplane Mrs. Orchid, Mrs. SeabreezeMrs. StarMrs. Funnel Cake, and  Mrs. Petit Four.

I gotta give Mr. BC some props;  I’m sure he could care less about TTD pics.  But when I asked him about whether or not we should spend the extra $$, he asked me if it was something I really wanted to do.  After I said yes, he said “then we should do it!”.  What a keeper.  He’s so supportive.

One of the main reasons I love (and booked) PhotoPhil is for his amazing TTD pics.  Take a look:

Warning: major, major wedding TTD p*rn ahead!

All Photo’s via Phil Steingard Studios


You guys, I am kind of dying.

Bee’s, are there any wedding related decisions you’re worried about regretting?  What are your wedding related splurges that you’re excited about?  Married bees, did you have any wedding regret about something you wish you had splurged on?


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