My First Wedding Purchase

I made my first wedding purchase about a month or two after getting engaged…. a whopping 22 months in advance.

Here’s what I bought:

flip flopsWedding Shoes!  |  Image via Macy’s

You might think I was crazy for buying my wedding shoes 22 month in advance, which was well before anything for the wedding was booked, but I found these shoes and I loved them!  I had to have them!  They were perfect for a beachy, destination wedding.  I was terrified that they’d no longer be available once I got around to making my wedding shoe purchase.  (Side note, they are still available at  But you just know that if I hadn’t bought them in advance, then they would not still be available now.  Murphy is an a-hole like that!)

Despite buying them 22 months in advance, I still love these shoes!  I always knew that I wanted to wear flip flops to the wedding; I am not a high heel wearer.  I like comfortable flats, and if given the chance, I’d wear flip flops every day of the week!

I pulled them out of the box yesterday for a little blog fashion show:

shoes 1Hi Bellatrix!

The one bummer thing about flip flops lies in the “something” poem.  You know: “something old, something new, something borrowed,  something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”.  Flip flops don’t exactly lend themselves to six pence storage.

What’s a girl to do?  Hit up Etsy, of course!

I very quickly found the seller: SixpenceForYourShoe, and promptly purchased this:

sixpence 1

Up close shot of the sixpence:

sixpence 2It can double as a something blue, the beads are all customizable.

And the pair together:

shoes 2Please excuse my yucky foot.

Upside/Downside, I was telling my mom that I had found the most adorable sixpence anklet and it turns out that she knew about the tradition, and still had the sixpence from her wedding!  Doh!  Neither of us thought to mention it to the other, thinking it was an old, antiquated tradition.  So she is going to loan me her wedding sixpence, and I’m going to carry it with me in a handbag for my wedding.   (Cuz obviously the whole “how do you put a coin in a flip flop” still applies.)  Hopefully two sixpences is doubly lucky.

According to Mrs. Husky, sixpences after 1947 don’t actually contain any silver.  Mine is from 1962 and my mom’s is from a trip to England in the 60’s, but we’re just going with it.  Seemed like she did okay with hers luck-wise; my parents have been married 40-some-odd years.

Bees, did you buy anything ridiculously early for your wedding?  Do you still love it, and plan on using it?  Did you buy anything early that you didn’t end up using?  (*cough*i did*cough*)  Do you have any brilliant suggestions about how to put a coin in/on a flip flop?


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