Traditions & Superstitions

Weddings are steeped in traditions, aren’t they?  Here are a few wedding traditions and superstitions with a brief history… some that we’re doing, and some that we’re not!

White Wedding Dress:  check!  In Western Culture the white wedding dress was adopted after Queen Victoria wore one  in 1840.  Dang!  What a trendsetter!  Can you imagine the color of your wedding dress changing tradition like that for almost 200 years and counting?  According to Wikipedia, brides prior to that just wore their best dress.   I guess white also represented wealth and cleanliness.  The idea that white represents virginity, or chasteness is a misnomer.  Anyway, you’ve already seen my wedding dress and I am most def sporting bridal white.

Veil: negative!  VeilUBridal says that in Ancient Rome, people believed that a bride should wear a veil to conceal her face and confuse evil spirits.  I’m getting married on a very-likely-to-be-windy beach, so I don’t think a veil is going to work for me.  Truth be told, I’ve always loved the look of a birdcage veil:

hotwingsMrs Hot Wings is looking FIERCE!  | Image via Hanssie Trainor

But, I just don’t think a birdcage veil goes with my dress.  The idea of saving the veil $$ for something else is also terribly appealing.  So for now, the decision is to SKIP the veil.  I’m going to bank on the evil spirits leaving me alone.

“Somethings”: Check!  I’ve already told you about my possibly something blue, sixpence anklet.  I am also scrounging up the rest of my somethings.  According to TheKnot the somethings represent: “Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.”   The article says that these tokens come to you in the 11th hour from family and attendants.  Whew.

Father Giving the Bride Away: In the olden days, women were considered property so the patriarch of the family literally gave his daughter away in exchange for money/ a dowry.  Well, I promise you that Mr. BC isn’t paying my family any money for me, but I like the idea of a father giving his blessing by presenting his daughter to her groom at the altar.  My father and I weren’t always close, but now I can’t imagine NOT walking down the aisle with him.  Especially given his recent health trouble.  Fingers are crossed that we’ll make it down the aisle together.

OctoI want this picture!  But, on a beach.  Mrs Octopus & her dad.  Aww!

Image via Corey Ann Photography

Cake: Check!  Cake is made to bring good luck to wedding guests and the happy couple.  And hello deliciousness.  At Mr. BC’s request, we’re doing a tres leches cake.  YUM!  Gastronomica says that customarily weddings have been celebrated with a special cake.  (Gotta love that specificity!).  They also say that Ancient Roman ceremonies were finalized by sprinkling cake crumbs over the brides head as a symbol of good fortune.  We’ll probably be skipping that lovely tradition.

cupcakes-couture-2Not our wedding cake at all, but SO PRETTY!

Image via  Bridal Guide | Cake by Cupcake Couture

And, last but not least, in all my research I discovered that finding a spider in your wedding dress is good luck.  Um, no thanks!  I definitely hope to skip that one.

Which traditions are you doing?  What are you skipping?


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