Cake Toppers Revisted

Guys, do you remember when I talked about Cake Toppers?

Mr. BC read that blog entry, and he asked me if I REALLY wanted that cute personalized cake topper with the cats.  I admitted to him that I really loved it and did want it.  And he said we needed to get it.  ((((((((((SWOON)))))))))))   The proofs arrived yesterday!

Mr, BC, sorry but you’ve got to get lost!  Untouched cake topper pics to follow.

make-like-a-tree-t-shirt-snorgteesImage via T-Shirt Guru

The cake topper is so realistic that I don’t want him to see what my dress looks like.   I sent him doctored up pictures with my dress completely covered up.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESImages via Etsy Seller: Mud Cards

I know I say this every time but… I AM DYING!

I don’t have the finished product in my hands yet, but I cannot recommend Keren Mudahi from Mud Cards highly enough.  I sent her tons of photos of us, the cats, my dress, the bouquet, Mr BC’s attire etc  (and then a couple more emails making changes, ha!) and she was always very prompt and accommodating in her responses.

The only minor drawback with Mud Cards is that you have to have A LOT of time before your wedding.  I placed this order mid-May and she told me she’d have a proof by Mid-August.  I believe shipping is fast, so I’m hoping to have it within a couple of weeks.  I still have five months until my wedding, so I’m not really worried about it.

I love how this turned out and I can’t wait to see it on our cake.   I am so happy that Sirius and Bellatrix will make an appearance at our wedding!  I see this having a permanent place to be displayed in our home after the wedding.

What are you using a cake topper?   Are you incorporating a nod to your pets in your wedding?  Has your fiance surprised you by caring about something unexpected?


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