WWBD: Table Set Up

Hey Bees!  I need your help!  (Yes, again.)  I can’t decide what to do about table set up for our reception.

I have always really loved the idea of a communal table.  With a small wedding, this is totally do-able:

raewyn_bluemountainwedding_reception-2Image Via Mimosa Flower Studio

candlelit-reception-tableImage via MagnetStreet.com | Photographer Oli Sansome

The idea of everyone together at one table really appeals to me.  I love the symbolism of one table, and everyone eating together.  And I like that I could hopefully interact with everyone at one long table.

But I was at a lunch a few months back with a large group of people (18, I think?).  The group was so large, that even though we were at one table, it was nearly impossible to converse with everyone.  There were side conversations all over the place, and it was kind of loud.

So then, I thought of a U-Shaped table:

u-ShapeImage via A Perfect Day Wedding Planning

u-shape 3Image via Page Twenty Two

But I’ve been to several business meetings which used a U-Shaped table, and I had the same problem.  You still can’t necessarily converse with everyone at the opposite side of the table.

So, what do I do?  The idea of several round tables really does not appeal to me, but should I just suck it up?  What are your feelings on 1 rectangle, communal table versus a U-Shape.  Which do you think is more “conversable”?  (Yes, I probably just made that word up.)  What are you doing for your table set up?  Have you been to a wedding and had a good (or bad?) experience with either table set up?



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