Wedding Worthy Nails

Who doesn’t want gorgeous nails on their wedding day?  There are so many ring/finger pics to be taken, what bride doesn’t want gorgeous hands and nails?  I recently discovered two products that have made a world of difference with my nails, that I wanted to share with you guys.

The first was an accidentally discovery.  It’s a Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamin that I heard about on Facebook:

nails vitaminsImage via: It Works!

I bought these vitamins for my hair, but holy smokes… the benefits to my  nails have been amazing.  I used to have really dry nails that peeled, were soft, and broke all the time. Here is my terrible before picture that I managed to scrounge up.  Note the very short nails, and you can kind of  see the peeling on the end of the pointer finger:


After 3.5 months of taking the vitamins daily, now, my nails look like this:


I had just gotten a manicure and they cut my nails a bit shorter than I wanted, so this length is the new short for me.  I  have also gotten some hair benefits.  My hair is the longest that it’s ever been.  I have never really gotten my hair to grow past the bra strap.  Now it’s about 2-3 inches past that.  I also have A LOT of new hair growth on the top of my head (which is in a very annoying, in-between growth stage right now.  I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture because it’s so awkward, and not-cute looking.  I wear a lot of headbands to keep the baby hair down.)

My second awesome nail discovery:

nails_sephoraImage via: Sephora | Formula X System

My co-worker, who is a beauty product guru, introduced me to this line.  And, I gotta say… I LOVE this nail polish system!  It’s a cleanser, base coat, color coat, and top coat that makes your manicure last between 8 – 10 days.  The finish is almost like a gel/shellac manicure (thicker than regular polish and really smooth), but it doesn’t damage your nails the way those systems do.  My nails look awesome for a week plus.  These days I actually get tired of the polish color, and redo my nails because I want a new color and not because it looks bad.

Disclaimer: I get no financial compensation or anything by any of these companies.  These are just products that I use and have really noticed made a difference in my nails (and hair).  I love discovering new, awesome beauty products, so I wanted to share.

Hive, have you discovered any new beauty products to help you look amazing on your wedding day?  What do you use to keep your nails and hair looking gorgeous?  Do you have a “holy grail” beauty product that you’d never give up?


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