Weddings bring out the crazy…

I woke up at 11:30 pm (grandma alert!) one night last week at what I think was a car accident.  Not long after I woke up, my apartment started smelling like smoke. As I was laying in bed, beginning to smell smoke, I started going through what I would need to do just in case there WAS a fire.  Step 1.  Corral the cats into their carrier.  (No easy task!)  Step 2.  Grab my cell phone from the charger (under my pillow).  Step 3.  Don’t forget to grab my purse on the way out of the door.

And vividly remember thinking that I was SO HAPPY that my dress was at the alterations place and not at home.  It was safe!  Yes!

(Short story long, I wandered around checking the oven and stove, and making sure everything was okay.  All seemed to be in order, so I ran downstairs to check with the neighbors to make sure they were okay.  Downstairs neighbor lady told me her husband had gone outside to check out the car accident and thought the smoke was coming from that.  Whew.)

The next day, via FaceTime, I told Mr. BC my grand plan, and he was like:

tumblr_inline_mv6uvxxKTt1rbumi6Okay, he did not ACTUALLY say that… | Gif via wifflegif

He said that my priorities need improvement.  😉 Apparently in the event of an emergency, I need to  get the cats and then get the hell out.  Cell phone and wallets are, I guess, replaceable.  And, I am to leave behind all wedding related stuff.  *sigh*  I still say that I am totally glad my dress is safe and sound!  Fingers are crossed for no fires (or anymore earthquakes!  Are all the Bay Area / Napa bees okay?) until… well, ever.

Hive, have you had any crazy bride moments while planning your wedding? Tell me about your crazy!


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