The First Look Debate

First looks obviously are not a new trend in the wedding world.  The reasons for doing a first look are extremely practical: it calms the nerves before the ceremony, it gives you more time to take couples and family portraits, the couple can enjoy cocktail hour rather than taking portraits at that time, plus, I’m sure there’s an assortment of other personal reasons that couples take first look photos.

Here are some adorable previous Bee’s first looks:

First Look 1Mr. & Mrs. Toadstool | Photo by Alberto Alcorta Photography

First Look 2Mr. & Mrs. Gondola | Photo by Teppei Kawakami

First Look 3Mr. & Mrs. Rucksack| Photo by Abigail Scott

I asked Mr. BC if he wanted to do a first look and he said “No!  I want to see you for the first time that day walking down the aisle.”  Why, hello Mr. Romantic!  While browsing the ‘bee, I discovered that this seemed to be the case more often than not.  Grooms want to see their brides at the alter, and I think brides are a bit more practical about the logistics and time management that first looks offer.

Despite the practically of  them, we’re going with tradition (and Mr. BC’s wishes) and not doing a first look. In fact, we’re going really old school and are planning to spend the night before the wedding away from each other.  I am kind of excited about this.  It feels romantic, and right for us.  I am a pretty practical person in my day to day life, so the notion of being impractical for once is a little refreshing.

The tentative plan right now is to have the ceremony at 3 pm, then take photo’s. Cocktail hour will start at 5, and dinner at 6.  (Again, this is totally off the cuff, I haven’t talked to my travel agent or the resort about this, so the timeline could totally change.)  I feel a bit guilty about the ceremony gap, but my travel agent assured me that this would be fine. Our guests could hit the pool bar for a drink while we’re taking pictures.

(I asked Mr. BC if he thought he’d tear up when he saw me for the first time and he was like:  “Uh, of course.  Duh”.  HA!  I heart him.)

I so hope we get some shots like these:

No First Look 1Mr. Waterfall  |  Photo by Bachmann Photography

No First Look 6Mr. Husky | Photo By Mark Hayes Photography

No First Look 5Mr. Castle.  I really need to get at thesaurus because I have NO WORDS!  | Photo by Palos Studio

Did you do a first look?  Did you skip the first look?  (Who’s idea was it?  Your Groom’s???)  How did it go?  Would you mind hitting the all-inclusive pool bar in the Dominican Republic for a cold beverage while the wedding couple was taking portraits?


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