We want your photos!

I briefly mentioned once before that we’re using a photo sharing app for our wedding festivities.  There are pros and cons to a plugged-in wedding (ie: guests using electronic devices during the ceremony and reception to take pictures).  Some of the cons include:  the idea that when people take photos they often miss the moment they are so busy trying to capture; you are not necessarily present when you’re trying to take the perfect picture.  There is also the possibility that guests trying to take photos will get in the way of the photographer (that the bride is likely spending thousands of dollars on/for to document the day).  Here’s a whole article about why you should have an unplugged wedding:  Huffington Post (Holla!  Recognize any bee wedding pics in that article?)

However, our guests are spending several days at the resort and we’re having lots of wedding related events. I definitely want to see everyone’s pictures.  Plus, we’re getting married outside so the flash thing shouldn’t be an issue.  And, with our smallish guest list I don’t think our photographers view will be obstructed.  (My fingers are crossed anyway!)

Yesterday I showed you our  I Spy cards to help encourage people to take photos.  Today I’m going to share how I hope to get everyone to share their pictures.  Enter… The Wedding Party App!

Wedding_Party_210_210Image via weddingpartyapp.com

Using the app is really simple.  You create an event and then invite all your guests via email to use the app.  Easy peasy.

I got to see a photo sharing app in action this past weekend at a friends wedding; although she used WedPics.  Post wedding I really enjoyed looking at the picture galleries with all the photos her other guests had taken.  I wasn’t able to attend all of her wedding events (she had lots of events including: a brunch, baseball games, wine tasting, day trips, etc), so I loved seeing what I missed.  WedPics seemed pretty comparable to Wedding Party.  After using the app first hand (and experiencing being plugged-in) at her wedding, I feel good about doing this for my own wedding.

Although, I know not everyone has smart phones (I’m looking at you, mom!) so I wanted to have other ways that people could share their photos.  So, I created a wedding related gmail account that people can email their photos to us, and I opened a special shuterfly account dedicated to wedding pics.

To let everyone know about these options I crafted this:

photo sharingCrappy iPhone pic: Upload online, Send by E-Mail, Use our Wedding App

This was another fairly easy project.  I did the labels in powerpoint, and printed them onto sticker paper.  Then I chopped them down to size, affixed the sticker onto red card stock, and then cut some more.  These are a little sloppy because not really caring that much, I eyeballed everything and didn’t bother to use a ruler.  (Lazy much?)  The hope is that nobody else will notice, or at the very least, not care.

I’m not sure what to do with the cards yet.  I’m thinking about putting them in the Out of Town bags.  Or I had the idea to personally hand them out at our welcome reception.  What to do… what to do?

Are you using a wedding app, or sharing photos?  Any do’s or don’ts for having a plugged-in wedding that I should know about?   How should we get our “we want your photos!” cards to our guests?


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