Dressing His Fellas

Mr BC is in town right now.  WOOHOO!  One of the things we wanted to check off the list while he was here was picking the groomsmen outfits.  So, like the true lazy bums we are, we did this on Labor Day Monday from the comfort of our couch.  (I love you internet shopping!).

This was another fairly easy decision.  I had send Mr. BC some white shirt options for his grooms shirt.  And he liked one of them for his groomsmen.  BOOM!  Done!


GM 1Image via Tommy Bahama

We decided to go easy/affordable and pair this with khaki pants.  I sent the guys this link, but told them they could get any type of flat-front khaki pants in the sand color:

GM 2Image via Target

To round out the look, we’re gifting the guys these:

GM 3We’re getting dark tan, not light tan | Image via Old Navy

GM 4Kuikui Nut Lei with red turtles | Image via Pacific Ocean Collections

This was another pretty easy decision that I’m happy is DONE.  I think those groomsmen will look pretty snazzy.

How did you pick your groomsmens attire?  Is it crazy that the boys shirts cost more than my girl’s dresses?  Any other couch/internet wedding planners out there?


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