Gifting the Parents

Border Collie mom’s – this post isn’t for you, please stop reading.  🙂

make-like-a-tree-t-shirt-snorgteesImage via T-Shirt Guru

I basically stole the first part of our parents gift from Mrs. Mole. (Thanks!) The idea has literally been with me for 2+ years. (Crazy Bride alert… I haven’t even been engaged for that long.)   I purchased custom engraved frames with our names and wedding date from Things Remembered and here’s the finished product:

Parent GiftWe took the pic the last day Mr. BC was in town.  *sad face*

But since mom’s are extra special, I couldn’t NOT give them something else… Way back when, I was looking on Etsy and after searching for “mother-in-law gifts”, found these adorable necklaces:

Parents Gift 2“Thank you for raising the man/girl of my dreams”

They are too cute to pass up!  There are a couple of different sellers who make the necklaces, but I purchased from Distinctly Ivy.  She had good prices, and I liked the little pearl accent.  You could also pick the chain length you wanted, and had the choice of 2 different types of chains.  2 necklaces (including shipping) was a bargain price of $36.64.  The only thing I was a little disappointed with, is that both necklaces came in 1 box.  It would have been nice if each necklace had it’s own box.  But otherwise, Ivy was great to work with!

Just for fun, this was the other mother gift I was contemplating (but opted against):

hankyImage via Etsy Seller MrandMrs

I love you Forever by Robert Munsch is one of my mom’s favorite children’s books, so I loved the personal nod.  But ultimately I nixed it because I’ve never seen my mom use a hankie, and I wasn’t sure if Future MIL BC had read the book.  (I liked the idea of getting them the same thing.)  But I still think the hankie is an awesome mom gift, so I wanted to share with you!

Guys, I am torn on whether to get the dads a separate gift too.  What do you think?  On one hand, our dads are very hard to buy for, and I kind of think neither would care that the mom’s got necklaces.  But, I also don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Although I seriously have no idea what we’d get them.  All the usual gifts (flasks, watches, cufflinks) wouldn’t work for them.

Hive, what did you get your dad/father in law?  Did you get separate gifts for mothers and fathers, or just one gift for both?  How did you pick your parents gifts?  Did you shamelessly steal ideas, like me?


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