Take A Seat! I mean, table…

Did you know that there is a difference between “escort” cards and “place” cards?  I first learned about the difference between these two things on My Fair Wedding (Thank you, David Tutera!  And thank you to Netflix streaming, without which I never would have heard of this show).

According to The Wedding Yenta’s (I seriously love what you can find on the internet!), here is the difference:

escort vs placeOh, Google… that was my auto fill when internet searching.

Escort Cards are the cards you pick up at the beginning of a wedding reception with your name on them that have a table number assigned.  You proceed to the table and then can sit at any seat at the table.

Place Cards are set in advance at a specific seat.  They indictate the place you will be sitting.   Place cards are not very common, and are usually only very formal or black tie events.

(I’m sure everyone else besides me already knew this.)

At first I didn’t even want to do escort OR place cards.  We have a small wedding, and I don’t really care where anyone sits.  But then I was reading the WB forums and it turns out that not having seating assignments is kind of a big deal, and can be considered rude.  (Don’t even get me started on how much of wedding planning is about etiquette and not offending people… invitation wording, calligraphy, wedding registries, not having alcohol at weddings… I could go on, and on.  These are land mines of possible offense!  Is it just me or do weddings bring out SUPER strong opinions in lots of people?!?  Yikes!)

So, in an effort to conform (aka: not get yelled at), and to not offend anyone, I decided to do escort cards.  More specifically, since we are super formal and black tie  the group is  small, we’re doing place cards.  With the decision made I set off to investigate possible options for place cards… Stay tuned!

Do you think it’s rude to have no assigned seating?  Are you having escort cards?  Does anyone use place cards anymore?  (Why do I always feel like I’m a weirdo with my wedding planning, andalways doing things outside of the norm?  You don’t have to answer that last one.)


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