No, seriously… take a seat

On my last post I talked about escort cards versus place cards, and let you know that we’d decided on place cards.  Once the decision had been made it was time to start the research.

There are so, so, so many crafty and creative things you can do with escort/place cards.  I love all of the escort cards Bees have come up with in the past:

escort 1Mrs Jetsetter.  The little airplanes… dying. | Image via WeddingBee

escorts 2Mrs. Clover.  So crafty… so adorable. | Image via WeddingBee | Photo by Caili Helsper Photography 

escorts 3Mrs. Filly | Image via WeddingBee | Photo by Aleksey Photography

escort 4Mrs. Blue Whale | Image via WeddingBee | Photo by Brenda Upton Photograph

escort 5Mrs. Sword.  So appropriate, no? | Image via WeddingBee | Photo by Crystal Liepa Photography

I knew this was an area we could let our personalities shine.  Although, all of the above seemed like a lot of work and I decided to outsource the place cards.  So, I took to Etsy!  After performing my search for “escort cards”, this was one of the first images I saw, and I LOVED IT:

escort 6Image via Etsy Seller:  DDDaydreams

I immediately clicked over to see what else the shop had, and found this:

escort 7Image via Etsy Seller: DDDaydreams

And, then I kind of died a little.  You see, Mr. BC’s favorite animal is the hummingbird.  Everyone knows this, and he is forever getting hummingbird stuff from people.  Our apartment is full of hummingbirds.  Oh, and PS. we LOVE wine, so a wine glass place card seemed perfect.

I sent the link to Mr. BC and asked what he thought of it.  He loved it, but said I should be represented too.  He asked if they had a dolphin version.  (That’s my favorite animal.  We’ve also got a boat load of dolphin stuff around the apartment too.)  I emailed the seller, and he said he could do a customized order for me.  Woot!  We worked out the details, and about a week later he sent me this:

escort 8Image via Etsy Seller: DDDaydreams

Um, YES!  I think it’s adorable.  I love that both of our personalities are represented in the place cards.  We’re going to do all the ladies as dolphins and the men as hummingbirds.  I’m pretty sure all of our guests will “get” the place cards and know the significance to us.  I’m going low maintenance on the text and I going to beg, bribe, ask a co-worker who has really nice penmanship to help me with the lettering.

I’m still waiting to receive the finished product in the mail, but so far I couldn’t be any more pleased with this purchase.  I can’t wait to see them in action at our reception.

What did you do for your escort/place cards?  Did you go traditional, or do something really personalized.  Did you DIY your cards, or outsource them (like me!)?


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