Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back…

Guys, we are ALMOST to double digits on the count down to the wedding.  (Technically, there are even fewer days until we leave for Punta Cana.)  This is so exciting, but also nerve wracking.  I only have 110 days to get everything done.   I have been pretty good about trying to stay on top of projects, but don’t you feel like you could always be doing better/more?

This was my to-do list prior to realizing that we only had 110 days until the wedding:

To Do 1

Excel Screen Shot.  Yay, a lot of red/done stuff on there!

It doesn’t look too bad, right?  I was like “Yes, I am rocking this wedding planning thing!”  Then I started thinking about all the stuff that I still had to do, that hadn’t yet been added to the list.  And ended up with this:

To Do 2

Le Sigh.  So much to do.

I fully realize that I am in good shape and basically have NOTHING to complain about.  I’m not re-planning a wedding after my venue went bankrupt, dealing with real stress from a venue or vendor, and I don’t have any family drama (yet).  I totally have first world problem bridal stress.  (As I type this now, I realize that I should probably STFU and count my lucky stars, but oh well… don’t all your own stresses seem SO IMPORTANT????)

Most of the stuff I have to do isn’t that complicated or time consuming, I just get stressed out by the sheer number of tasks that must be accomplished.  I know myself, I need to get on this stuff NOW, or it may not get done.  So it’s time to start tackling tasks.  (And, dang… I seriously have to kick this weigh loss thing into gear.  I’ve been way lax the past two months.  My first dress fitting was last Saturday and it was a little traumatic.)

Is anyone else trying to not fall into the the throes of procrastination?  Does your to do list feel like it will never end; and when you take two steps forward, you find yourself two steps back?  How do you stay motivated to continually get things done, make progress, and check things off your lists?  I have a feeling it’s going to get worse before it gets better.  Did anyone gain weight before their 1st dress fitting?  (*cries*)

(PS. At my first dress fitting appointment, after berating me for gaining weight, my seamstress told me not to worry and that the last two weeks I’ll be so stressed out that the weight will just fall right off.  I can’t wait?!?)


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