DIY Wedding Programs

So, you’d probably have to be a little crazy to finish your wedding programs 3.5 months in advance.  Call me crazy!  I started on these back in March, and when Mr. BC was in town earlier this month, I told him he had to finish them got to have a hand in making them.  So, while he was in town he finished all the cutting and gluing of the petals.  This weekend I finally assembled them.  I think they turned out pretty nice!



I am a newbie DIY crafter, and I didn’t think making these was extremely difficult.  Time consuming, but not difficult.  Here was my process:

Step 1.  Download the template from Aylee Bits

Step 2.  Add the wording onto your petals.  I decided that I wanted five petals:  cover, wedding party, ceremony schedule, thank you (with a nod to our deceased grandparents), and bubbles.

Step 3.  Print everything out and cut the petals.  Alyee recommends using a flat paper cutter for the straight edges, and then switching to scissors for the curves.  That’s what I did, and it worked well.


I got all inspired and decided that I wanted a double layered petal fan, so I hand created the larger red petal.  It’s not perfect, and looks handmade, but I’m okay with that.

Step 4.  Glue petals together (I used spray glue and made a huge mess.)

Next up: assembly.  The cast of characters:

program3Petals, brads, eyelets, crop-a-dile tool

Step 5.  I bought a crop-a-dile tool that came with eyelets.  It works like a hole punch. Put your petals in order, add the eyelet to the tool, and punch:


Step 6.  I bought some pretty brads to make sure the eyelet held all the card stock together.  I’m sure it was user error, but sometimes the top petal of the fan would come off.  The crop-a-dile tool I bought was for heavy duty projects, so it may not have been the right one to use for my fans, but I got it on Amazon and was too lazy to return it.  I made it work.


Step 7.  Cut strips of ribbon and affix bubble tubes.

Step 8.  Have a nice, strong drink and be extremely glad that these are done!   (This step is optional)

Again, I’m sure there is probably an easier way to make these, this is just what I ended up doing.  The cost was some where around $25 (for the crop-a-dile and black brads).  I already had all of the paper products, ribbon, and glue (and I used the paper cutter at work).  I didn’t count the bubbles in the total because they are optional.  But I got mine from Oriental Trading Company for $8.

I’m really pleased with how my programs turned out.  I’m glad I got them done early and this task isn’t hanging over me.

Are you making or buying your ceremony programs?  What are you using for your programs?  Fan, paddle or booklet?  Would you consider a labor intensive project just because it looked pretty?


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