OOT Bag Reveal

I think my OOT bags are finally done!  I got most of my ideas for the bag contents from Best Destination Wedding.  I was able to download all of the templates from that site (playing cards, tags, survival kit topper, first aid kit label).

The reveal…

oot bag 2Bellatrix not included


  • Beach Bag
  • 2 Bubba Kegs (for keeping drinks cold while at the pool or beach)
  • 2 pair of aviator sunglasses (sunglasses are a must for me.  I can’t live without them.)
  • 2 room key & money holders
  • Wedding Week Survival Kit (containing necessities like advil, tylenol, pepto bismul, first aid kit, etc)
  • Playing Cards (with a personalized label)
  • Bath Poof
  • Antibacterial Wet Ones

I’m also going to include a welcome letter, along with the schedule of wedding events.  (Sadly, you don’t confirm wedding related decisions  <including additional events> until two months prior to the wedding  This is very annoying and a little stressful when it comes to  destination wedding planning.)  I may include a soduku or activity book if I can find one that is cheap and not too bulky.  Since we’re staying at an all-inclusive resort it didn’t make sense to add food or drink items.  The mini bar is free and can meet those needs.  In case you’re curious, the total cost per bag is $26.58.

I am really excited about these.  I went a little overboard, but I definitely want to spoil our guests.  They are traveling internationally and shelling out a lot of money for our wedding.  I hope they feel loved and appreciated by the out of town bags.

Are you doing out of town bags?  What did you put in them?  Is there anything that I’ve missed?


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