The Pre-Trip Mailer

Remember when I showed you my DIY luggage tags?

Guess what just arrived last week…


pretrip mailer2pretrip mailer3

Outside view / Inside View

The brochure contains: welcome note, packing list, overview of the Punta Cana Airport and customs, Travel information (currency, time zone info, etc), what’s included in the resort stay, and a vague-as-hell schedule of events (remember how I can’t book any extra events until 2 months prior to the wedding?  Yeah, it makes getting information to your guests a little tough.)

I also got a cute matching magnet with our wedding website (the brochure is text heavy, so all of the information is also on the website as well).  Here’s the complete set:

pretrip mailer1

 I used VistaPrint for the brochure and magnets.  I got a quantity of 25 of each and the total was $26 (I had a coupon code for a discount and free shipping.)  Please learn from my mistake and don’t create your projects too early.  I did my brochure back in March/April and left it in my cart to purchase later.  Well, VistaPrint deletes carts after 30 days.  #fail.  I swear, I had saved it as a project, but I guess not.  I had to recreate the entire brochure from scratch a 2nd time.  That was pretty disappointing, and kind of annoying.  But luckily, I think that I remembered all of the details I wanted to include.

I hope our guests find this helpful!

Hive, are you communicating with your guests prior to your wedding?  Tell me what you’re doing!  As a wedding guest, what information would you find helpful in advance on a brochure like this?


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