Marriage Equality

Hey Guys!  I just wanted to take a moment to thank the supreme court for their recent ruling to reject appeals from five states (Indiana, Utah, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Virginia) to limit same sex marriage.  Bravo.  To date, 30 states allow same-sex marriage, and I look forward to the day when everyone in the entire United States can get married.

I’m not trying to get political up in the hive, but I very strongly believe that people are created equal, regardless of age, sex, skin color, or sexual orientation, and that everyone should be able to marry whomever they choose.  Love is love, and I don’t think the US Government should tell people who they can and cannot marry.  For me, this is kind of an exciting time in US history.  I am so happy the ban on same sex marriages are coming down, state by state.

Here’s an interesting graphic showing all the states that have legalized gay marriage (woot!), states that have rulings pending (good luck, guys!) and states where gay marriage is banned (sigh).


Image via Time

I look forward to the day (kind of, that sounds weird.  It’s not like I’ve ever been happy that anyone was prohibited from marriage) I can say “remember way back when when same-sex couples were not allowed to marry.  How weird was that?!?”  For me, it’s similar to how bizarre it is that prior to 1967 it was prohibited for any interracial marriage to occur.

Happy wedding days to EVERYONE!  May your union be full of love and happiness.   Ain’t love grand?

*Disclaimer, I know that not everyone believes the same things I do.  (Hi, 20 states where same-sex marriage is banned or pending appeal!)  I hope everyone can respect my views, as I really try to respect other peoples views that I don’t necessarily agree with.  (But, I totally know that this is difficult!)  I’m open for dialog in the comments, and I’d appreciate it if we could keep it respectful.




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