WWBD: To ring, or not to ring…

Hive, it’s time for another “What Would Bees Do” question.   You know, this is the part where I beg ask for your help, advice, guidance and input!  (I luuuuuurve you guys!)

My dilemma is whether or not to bring my rings with me to the Dominican Republic.  Mr. BC is very against this idea.  The rings are very expensive and he is very worried that they will get lost or stolen.   (He thinks someone is going to chop my fingers off for the rings.  Drama king, much?  heh)

Just to refresh your memory, here are my rings:

rings 1*cough*I can see his point…but, don’t tell him I said that*cough*

But dang it, I want to get married with my rings!  I want professional picture with my actual wedding rings.   Plus, we’re staying at a nice resort; I don’t think there’s going to be too many mercenaries there, chopping off tourists fingers for their rings.  (I mean, does that actually happen in real life???)  Plus, our room has a safe, so I can keep the rings in there when I’m not wearing them.  (And I’ll never wear them in the pool or ocean!  In our travels, Mr. BC and I have witnessed a few  grooms who have lost their brand new wedding bands in the ocean.  On their honeymoon.  Their wives were pi$$ed!!!!)

Because Mr. BC is really that paranoid (he doesn’t like me to go to Hawaii with my rings),  I have a faux set that I got from Claire’s boutique.  The set is similar to my real rings, but the rings look pretty fake, in my opinion. (I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone who has faux rings.  It’s a totally viable option, and a faux ring is a great way to be able to afford the ring you really, really want!  My faux rings were like $10, so the quality is… not great.  You get what you pay for.)

So, what would you do?  When you travel internationally, especially to a developing nation, do you wear your real rings?  Should I suck it up and just wear the costume jewelry?  Please, give me your input!

POLL: Would you wear your rings when you travel?

A.  Heck yes, Mr. BC doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

B.  Girl, listen to the voice of reason, I mean, Mr. BC.  Suck it up and wear the fakes.

C. Other (please leave a comment)


One thought on “WWBD: To ring, or not to ring…

  1. A.) I had the same reservations as you when we went on our honeymoon in Jamaica last month. However, once I was there, I realized there was little to worry about (in regards to safety.) I still plan on getting a stand in set, but more so that if I lost my wedding set, I wouldn’t be without something so valuable to me.

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